2012 Xtreme Drift Circuit Round 4 at Hyperfest [RESULTS]

Posted on Jun 17, 2012 In Chelsea DeNofa Jeff Jones Matt Waldin RESULTS XDC

We got an early morning report on how XDC Round 4 finished up this weekend. The two time champion Chelsea DeNofa took home another win while he is doing double duty between his Formula Drift career and some visits back to XDC. It just seems like no one can beat him right now in this series at all. In other shocking news former DMCC champion and Formula Drift driver Matt Waldin showed up and made it all the way to the finals.

1. Chelsea DeNofa
2. Matt Waldin
3. Jeff Jones
4. James Evans


  1. Glad to see this finally posted!
    We had the opportunity to help sponsor Will Parsons and I’m really excited and I got the text saying who he was up against in top 16, and I was surprised to see it was Matt and knew it’d be a tough battle for Will, but even though he took out my guy, great to see Matt getting back out to play!

  2. Qcfan says:

    @Matt Waldin

    Please come back to DMCC!!!!!

  3. Matt says:

    Hey Saito, I got him back for you. Carry on as usual now. 😉

  4. in before Saito swoops in and becomes XDC champion.

  5. Americandrifter says:

    DeNofa is into the friendly competition and speaks highly of Daigo’s skills- its for the fans this rivalry of theirs!!!!