Formula Drift Insider Episode 4 – The Daigo Saito Vs. JTP Conflict [VIDEO]

Finally after a post that escalated to 1,150+ Facebook Likes and 50 comments earlier this month on Wrecked Magazine has seen the light of day with a conflict. Sadly the Formula Drift Insider did some editing and skipping of the argument between Justin Pawlak, Daigo Saito (and translator Robbie Nishida) as Justin whines about what went down in the tandem battle with Daigo. Regardless it marked the first time he lost this season and clearly JTP wasn’t happy about it. The Achilles Team is really making a big scene this season in Formula Drift and we love it.

The Insider also highlights Chris Forsberg and his new setup with the Nissan 370z which brought him to his first podium of the 2012 season. Luckily he didn’t beat Justin Pawlak as well so no surprise visits in his section of the video. The segment does spend some time with the MA Motorsport guys who are now running his team from behind the scenes for a cool outlook on the NOS Energy Drink 370z.

Watch the video:


  1. That’s pretty rad!

  2. Cody says:

    So if your opponent breaks something and loses drift, that is because you made them spin? MAGIC!

  3. bigmac says:

    i dont support what jtp did, but can anyone honestly say they wouldn’t be at least a little pissed if that happened to them?. jtp also did not make as big a fuss about it as everyone said he did when he knew his questions were getting him nowhere fast he left and did not try to escalate it.

  4. jDub says:

    The footage was edited…..I’m sure there were other words exchanged. The edits clearly were to protect JTP from looking like even more of a douche.

    The douchiest part is when he is standing beside Daigo’s car shaking his head and crying as Daigo pulls in.

  5. Blaze1 says:

    I see worst confrontations at NASCAR events on a regular basis.

    But I the way he adjusts his angle with the brakes is classic D1 big angle tactic.

    Haruguchi did it to everyone at Long Beach 07

    Ueo did it to Ryan T at Vegas 09

    Better scouting next time around I guess.

  6. Tracy says:

    Interesting, but not that big of a deal IMO. Of course I have been called a cry baby more than once in drifting, so maybe I am biased.

    There is a lot of passion and adrenaline in this sport. Sometimes someone is going to get upset and say something. It happens in every sport and to a larger degree. As long as there are no blows thrown, it should be expected on occasion.

    That being said, I don’t think Daigo did anything wrong. He drove the same exact way on both of his runs. The braking had nothing to do with playing dirty because JTP was following.

  7. What Tracy Really Means Is says:

    To correct myself, I’ve been a bitching little crybaby from the sidelines. To say I’ve been a crybaby in drifting would make it sound like I actually competed, and we all know that my car was always running and driving fine when we drove it on the trailer after qualifying. My boyfriend Dan did well though, and we spent his money to get me on BullRun once. The only judged performance I do that is up to par is when I cheat on my boyfriend, but even then it isn’t stellar, but I’m putting a lot of practice and dedication into my efforts to be a shitty person and get Dan to put up with me, which he does. I think its my white trash tatoo he likes and my bad skin.

  8. fobrichard says:

    I think jtp should of hit digo and started a fight!!! because its not a motorsport till there is a fight….

  9. YOitzJDM says:

    I wish entry speeds were documented somewhere. I think I remember hearing that Daigo entered 10 mph slower on that run than on his previous matchup

  10. Ryan Formula D says:

    YoitzJDM, go back and watch the full Insider. We get into detail on Daigo’s documented entry speeds from 32 to that battle with our commentary on the subject as well as words from the judge Andy Yen on how they might move forward/reinstitute certain things.

  11. NeedsMoarBro says:

    People are still talking about this?

  12. rotarypower says:

    AWWW and they edited the conversation that was so watered down what was the point lmao pussies

  13. Kids Heart says:

    I wonder if JTP matched his qualifying entry speed when he tripped up WW and JR?

  14. Slider S15 says:

    This is alot of fuss over a battle JTP shouldn’t have been in in the first place as JTP vs JR should have never gone OMT in my opinion.

    As for the fallout, eddited highlights of that conversation are only hiding the truth, or atleast giving ammo to those looking for conspiracy.

    PLEASE don’t start to monitor the entry speeds after one high profile incident, its a big over reaction compared to the countless awesome battles the current rules have given us.

    Just my two cents….

  15. Richard Cranium says:

    Glad to see Wrecked is sticking to being an editorial website like TMZ or one of those stupid fashion based TV shows instead of any kind of news based site.

    and for the record, i’m using A LOT of sarcasm.

    I would bet that JTP will shake this off and he and daigo will produce some epic battle the rest of the year. game on!

  16. jDub says:

    @Dick Head if you hate the format of this site why do you still come back. I’m sure your opinion is not going to change anything.

    Don’t worry about it…..shove off!

  17. Arch says:

    Daigo was 8 mph slower leading jtp than his previous run…. but Daigos car was badly damaged from the contact with Denofa. It still didn’t look 100% fixed when he staged with Justin, let alone 90%. So the slower entry was not a tactic or game.
    Daigo also hit the brakes at the same spot for the same duration every lead run before that. It was for weight transfer and not slowing down.

    Implementing a rule change because of a sore loser is absurd.

  18. Richard Cranium says:


    because I’m a glutton for punishment

    @ Arch

    they aren’t going to change a rule because of a “sore loser” it already was a rule that they suspended in haste. it’s a good rule and keeps lead cars honest

  19. Insideurmum says:

    Very comical of pollock to do that. Almost as funny as his performance at rd 3 last year in Tyler’s Z. Im gonna watch Talledega Nights now

  20. ADA Drift says:

    JTP is a whiny b1tch LOL just cause he got out-thought by a smarted driver he pisses and moans about tactics and gameplay. Maybe having the most expensive/widest/grippiest tyres in the field should be considered gameplay too, huh Justin……..

  21. ADA Drift says:

    JTP is a whiny b1tch LOL just cause he got out-thought by a smarted driver he pisses and moans about tactics and gameplay. Maybe having the most expensive/widest/grippiest tyres in the field should be considered gameplay too, huh Justin……..

  22. RSSS says:

    Someone should learn how to lose…

  23. saitodaigokun says:

    The whole part where JTP says “You braked for more angle?? I don’t do that!”, I wish i could have been there and said “you also have a car almost twice as big as mine with a v8!” like honestly i used to be a big JTP fan but what a sore loser! he’s acting like a little kid who just lost a baseball game or something. The way JTP needs to look at it, is he’s dealing with someone with TONS more experience drifting wise than him, in MUCH better cars than JTP uses too. So, JTP, if you read this, If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen! Don’t get pissy that there ARE better drivers out there than you! If you wanna win, you gotta learn to adapt, fool!