Mike Fitz Joins Hankook Tire before 2012 Pro Drift Round 2 at Punchestown

The guys at Hankook Tire rolled out the big announcement today that they have picked up Mike Fitz for the rest of the 2012 season. This FC Rx-7 looks pretty awesome and Hankook Tire is making a huge presence with Mike this season kicking off at Round 2 Punchestown. Rumor has it Mike Fitz might be looking to find a way to head over to the United States like some fellow Pro Drift stars such as Darren McNamara, Eric O’Sullivan, and Dean Kearney.


  1. jason cancio says:

    That is so sick. Does it still have a rotary?

  2. That car is rad as hell!

  3. YOitzJDM says:

    I really like that livery, especially with the ‘bursts’ coming from the front wheels. I’m glad that Hankook has allowed for some variation in their livery.

  4. That thing looks rad!

  5. Crook says:

    It’s SR20-powered as far as I know.

  6. irish25256 says:

    Its rotary

  7. Crook says:

    Got mixed up with Deane’s old FD(dunno if it’s running a SR now, cause I thought he was sponsored by hayward now as far as i know?)

  8. irish25256 says:

    The FD is still sr-20 , this fc was going to be sr20 too i think but they changed their minds

  9. Crook says:

    That’s where I got the thought from :p

    James’ FD is sick, it needs more dish though. I’m guessing he’s running his own sponsor, and Falken Tyres this year?

  10. MikeFitz says:

    Thanks for the comments guys! Sure does Jason, MCNSport built 13B 😀