World Drift Series Round 1 in Tianjin, China [RESULTS]

With so much drifting going on this weekend we have hardly been able to keep up with all of the results posts. Over in China the World Drift Series had a team drift and traditional tandem drift battle event go down in the city of Tianjn. The three car team drift portion of the event resulted in Team America (Vaughn Gittin Jr., Chris Forsberg, Matt Powers) taking home first place with New Zealand finishing second and China closing it up in third. Here is how the podium finished for the traditional tandem event:

1st – Vaughn Gittin Jr.
2nd – Feng Ren Zhi
3rd – Wang Qi


  1. Blaze1 says:

    How much is WDS paying these guys just to show up? Because FD Asia and D1GP are right next to china and they don’t choose to compete in those series.

  2. More than you can afford pal.

  3. Fan o' Drift says:

    What’s that old saying…..”when you can’t make top 8 in the USA go to China so you can win”

  4. alvar says:


  5. Kids Heart says:

    Yo Blaze1. Smoke em.

  6. Best e-teamwork of 2012

  7. Jelani says:

    ^what he said^

  8. Markus says:

    Whatever happend to using S13 verts and beat up FCs? Can’t believe RTR Guy actually brought his current FD competition car over there.

  9. Casey says:

    You think thats his FD comp car? Do you have any idea how many Mustangs this guy has? Forsberg was there too in his old 370z from last year.

  10. sidekick says:

    Using S13 verts and FC’s doesn’t pay the bills. I’d be suprised if Ford werent funding JR atleast partially to be there, considering he had 2 mustang there. Nissan arn’t going to sponsor you using a 20 year old out dated model unfortunately…

  11. Reality says:

    Its funny to see this guy go all the way to China so he can advance past top 16. Does Ford sell many mustangs in China/Asia?

  12. YOitzJDM says:

    JR Had 2 mustangs in China, another mustang in the Falken booth at the Motion show, and he has his competition mustang too. That doesn’t include the cars he actually drives on the street

  13. touge3 says:

    Like anything in China… all government subsidized thus there is some cash available. I am sure all the FD guys are getting paid a pretty penny.

  14. Crook says:

    WDS used to be good, back when Powers and co were all running borrowed/shitty cars and still winning.