City of Atlanta Proposing Amendment to Outlaw Drifting [PETITION]

Posted on May 7, 2012 In Grassroots Major Announcements

The City of Atlanta’s City Council passed an amendment to the city’s noise ordinance today which made several changes to the City’s noise ordinance. What stood out the most however, was the city’s targeted attack on drifting, whether it be on public or private property within city limits. (Read the Amendment HERE.) This inherently will impact grassroots drift events organized at Turner Field which aim to keep drifting off public streets. Formula Drift pro Chris Forsberg recently ¬†made a case for grassroots drift events and their positive impact on the drift community.

You can take action against this by looking into and signing the petition below, or by learning more via the Facebook group “Save Drifting in Atlanta.” This will not impact Formula Drift at Road Atlanta as it is not within city limits, however this amendment can have a detrimental impact on Atlanta grassroots drifting. Do your part and help ensure that this does not pass.

 Petition to Save Drfiting in Atlanta

Save Drifting in Atlanta Facebook Group


  1. MotorworldHype says:

    Why are people stupid? So very, very stupid…

  2. bro says:

    Thank you.

  3. haymaker says:

    lets just outlaw fun…

  4. miguelito says:

    if they stop drifting they should also stop hotrod meet ups too..!

  5. cody says:

    But its ok for people to have subs that hit so hard and poof theu rattle the windows in my house?

  6. byron h. says:

    I want to live across the street from a baseball stadium but I don’t want it to be too noisy…

    Thank you for bringing attention to this matter Wrecked. This ordinance was conceived in secret so as to not allow for the Atlanta drift community to build up any sort of rebuttal. I am very happy to see the vast amount of support regarding this in such a small amount of time. Thank you!

  7. Look at what NOPI has done!

  8. mike ma says:

    welcome to the souf! jk.

    seriously stupid ordinance. i wish the atlanta and surrounding drift community the best of luck with this.

  9. racerpage says:

    First you can’t bully a kid in school anymore and now this. This country is going down the shitter.

  10. Josh P says:

    We have been fighting this type of issue since we started using turner field to hold local events. Yet there are autocross events, and many other motorsports events held in the exact same place we use to drift. It is just another way for the city to push out the people trying to enjoy the sport legally.
    The atlanta drift community will pull together, and if need be find another venue to use. It just sucks that in a sense turner has become the home of atlanta drifting, and to lose that due to the ignorance of a small group of homeowners is sad.

  11. Kids Heart says:

    Come to Gwinnett

  12. Matt Powers says:

    Signed. Drifting is the only item mentioned there that is not specifically a 7pm-9am ban. Maybe someone can push for the same time regulations as a worst case scenario.

  13. rotarypower says:

    Just like josh said this has been a battle from the beginning ever since southern fried slide and what pissed me off is we try to do the right thing by keeping it professional,safe,and off the streets butyet nobody says anything the bikes that show up after the varsity meet and do stunts and burn outs or the people who drag race anytime,anywhere Thu out The city.City of atl will soon find out we are not going to go away quietly

  14. Quality of Life over Drifters! says:

    People, it’s time to find a new lot. I live over a mile away from the Turner Field lot and can hear the screeching noise all day long. It’s so obnoxious and annoying. Furthermore, I can smell the exhaust from this event. Not only is that unhealthy, but annoying.

    All of our neighbors, near and far, are so glad drifting will be banned in the City of Atlanta.

    Please, take it down the road to nearby counties. I’m sure Clayton Co, Gwinnett or Cobb would welcome you guys with open arms.

    I’ll take the Brave’s fireworks for 15 minutes over your day long noise of screeching sounds and disgusting exhaust. Good riddance guys.

  15. Blaze1 says:

    Hey “Quality of Life over Drifters!”

    You live in the HEART of a major city nick named “Black Hollywood” so guess what… YOUR GONNA HEAR SOME NOISE!! If you don’t like it maybe YOU should move to a nice quiet suburb outside the city.

    BTW please stop banging your broom on the apartment ceiling every time I cough, sneeze, or fart.