Xtreme Drift Circuit Releases Information on the Old Season and Looks to 2012

Posted on May 3, 2012 In Grassroots Jeff Jones XDC

XDC reached out to us to so they can cover issues with the staff and driver debt. I spoke with Mike Collins who is the new chief steward at XDC on the phone this week and he seems like he has the drivers in mind and a good focus on the right topics. Here are some issues they addressed from the corporate office of XDC.


As Brian Eggert moves from XDC to become the third judge for Formula Drift, Mike Collins will step into his role as Competition Director. Mike Collins has been the Chief Steward of XDC since its inception and has been involved with drifting since 2001 with US Drift as Chief Steward and Event Director putting on events in the Mid-Atlantic region as well as a national series. With over 10 years of experience in managing drift events and being deeply rooted in the grassroots drifting scene he will be able to step into this new role and help XDC continue to grow as a national series. When asked about the his new role and the direction he would like the series to go in, he had this to say;

“I am excited to fill this role as Brian moves on to his new position and I am looking forward to taking the same drift staff from last year, with a couple new additions, and moving the series forward. We want this series to be a place that gives drivers the opportunity to compete on a national level against a highly skilled field without having to have a major sponsorship and not losing the grassroots feel of their local drift event. The series is still growing and learning from mistakes but we have a good base and we will take the experience from the past two years and make this series into a place where drivers want to be and can highlight their skills.”

Filling Mike’s role as Chief Steward will be Tim Johnsrud who has been the Technical Director for XDC.

Keeping things consistent all three judges from last year will be returning; Chris Forsberg , Matt Petty, and Mike Schneider.

Also, joining the staff is John Wagner and Dan Summers, both have extensive experience in the drifting scene on the East Coast with Club Loose and LookOut Drift. They both will be serving as support staff at the events, with John also filling the role as the back up judge in the case of one of the three primary judges is unable to attend the event.

Driver Debt:

Going into the 2012 season there were issues from the 2011 season that would need to be taken care as quick as possible. The company headed by David Lane, XDC Events, now has no part in the Xtreme Drift Circuit. The series is now under new management and also will be getting help from Hot Import Nights (HIN). The new management is striving to make sure all the drivers are satisfied with the series as a whole and that they will continue to run in the series. Just as before the first event in Arizona a lot of hard work was put in to make sure drivers in that region that may have had a bad taste in their mouth from the previous year were contacted and a plan was put in place to make sure they continued to attend the events. Just as this was done before Arizona the same will be done before Orlando with the drivers from the east region and we hope that all the drivers are satisfied with the efforts put forth and continue to run in the series just as the drivers from the west coast have continued to do. The drivers are what make this series great and we want to make sure that they are taken care of and continue put on some of the best drifting competitions to date.



  1. Claude_P says:

    Nothing on this about Mik Munar and its unclear about who is running everything in the nondrifting side….Before I register to compete, still uneasy who is who annd who I trust my money to in this organization

  2. Drifterboy says:

    So after all the BLAH BLAH you really said nothing. No one was worried about whos judging. The point is the drivers are still unpaid. Your staff quit. Your being sued by employees. Soon to be by drivers and the only real change is the new investor. There are drivers and car show people boycotting your Orlando event so good luck.

  3. YOitzJDM says:

    interesting that they’re always so quick to point out who isn’t involved.

    Who’s the current parent company of XDC? HIN? It seems that HIN is ‘helping out’ but doesn’t own XDC. Wonder how many different entities they have involved in this debacle…

  4. Jlnwinston says:

    Either way its steps in the right direction, they owe alot of money to the drivers and sponsors and slowly but surely have to rebuild good repor with them, so any step in the right direction is good, just like our economy , its gona take us a while to recover just gotta keep working at it…… im interested to see where the series goes from here

  5. nissanD1998 says:

    good news, there’s HOPE for drifters seeking support. bad news, there’s still a ton of haters out there that will not be satisfied even after drivers get payouts, series continues on, and assistance is in place. can’t change those always looking to pick a fight.

    not every driver or series has a million dollar backing. XDC is no different from the drivers out there trying to do what they love, and make ends meet in every way possible with the help of true supporters not critics.

    either way, who ever is stepping up to clean things up, should at least be recognized as that is a big undertaking.

    props to mike collins and crew for hanging in there and putting the drivers first. there is no “joke” about how much they care for drifting and the future of it.

    if you’re looking for someone to hunt down next, try every person on this board who has a negative outlook rather than giving drivers, promoters, and fans a chance to do their own thing. “leave them alone!!”

    i’m sure Drifterboy, you’re sitting next to your computer itching for this so you can jump on the next slam. nobody cares, cause you’re the only one who is all talk, everyone else is doing something about it. putting down the series, is putting down drifting, and those who aren’t as ignorant as you, will overcome any bash you try and put out there. i place my bets that you are one of the people quoted in the examiner article. otherwise, you’d be onto something else by now. people like yourself intentionally hurt the industry because of a personal grudge. sit in a room by yourself, and take a breather guy! name which staff quit?? name which employees are suing?? i bet you CAN’T name ONE person!!! which we will wait for in the next post.

    YoITZjdm… not really a debacle. XDC is it’s own company which is assisted by HIN to ensure financial strength of the series. XDC has it’s own debts to handle just like everyone else on this planet, and HIN has it’s own finances to worry about. since you care, donate money to a driver and get them on the track, no matter the series. or, play management 101 and guess which company is which, and who runs what, and why companies form, and why companies draw lines between themselves. in the end, does any of that matter?

    anyone who drifts this year, is taken care of. anyone who drifted last year, is or will be taken care of. so either way, it’s covered from what it sounds like in the post.

    bottom line, someone is taking responsibility and action. so at some point, other than hating, the drivers themselves are the only ones who should have a gripe if they even have one at this point… and anyone else is just bored as F&^%. “lies, fail, owed, boycott” what other crap can you make up? most of the information put out there is false and just meant to cause harm. so grow up, shut up, and DRIFT

    Formula Drift Atlanta! Holla.

  6. vitalys says:

    XDC is doing a great job and rebuilding their image. Like promised they paid out right away at XDC rd1 and 2. I went to the bank as soon as possible as i was concerned. Deposited my check and next day it was clear.. Props to the management and the people who put money into the series for fixing their mistakes!!

  7. Anyone that knows me knows I have no problem saying it like it is.

    Anyone that knows of me knows I have no problem saying it exactly like it is.

    Behind the scenes, I’ve seen people getting taken care of. They’ve got a lot of work ahead of them, but the fact is there is action taking place behind the scenes to remedy the damage done.

    If they keep this up, I gotta commend them for it. It’s piss-poor decision making, and ethics that got them in this situation, by whom is almost irrelevant, but it seems those in control of XDC are repairing XDC done damages. This creates some optimism that XDC can step up to the plate and play ball. They’ve earned a lot of criticism but if they can step up and own up to it, I think most the community will be content with that.

    Whoever has been handing out cash to settle up, and issued this PR thing, props for stepping up to the plate.

  8. Drifterboy says:

    Its simple Mike AKA nissanD1998. Pay the drivers. Why are so many people suing you? I will gladly send a ton of info we acquired off a simple net search to show Mike has been running both HIN and XDC for some time. Stop taking paychecks and going on trips with your girlfriend to the philipines. PAY THE DRIVERS ! PAY YOUR STAFF ! Ill be the first to shut up. If anyone wants a copy of my research on this email me at johathonhawk@gmail.coms I would love to send you a copy.

  9. SweetzAuto says:

    Its crazy that mike can do this scam over and over. There are only a few who really know all the facts about mike. He takes credit for founding HIN but hes just a nobody taking credit for guys who don’t need to brag.

  10. Diditmyway says:

    Thanks for the info, You’ve saved me a lot of time and money.

  11. Drifterboy says:

    Kudos to Wrecked for being fair and letting the facts out. Both sides matter and need to be out there.

  12. SweetzAuto says:

    They are desperate to get people to come. Free admission and free booths for clubs and vendors. They told us $1200 for a booth at first but now it’s free? They are big time desperate! With all the info out now I doubt they will be around much longer.

  13. e30 says:

    it is a bit disturbing, at least to me, to kick the money man/sugar daddy to the curb after years of funding various Munar projects…
    – VIP Auto Salon show (no longer around)
    – Lux 5 Show (no longer around)
    – ClubDistrict (dont know anything about this
    – Remix car show (think this is done too)
    – World of Dance (though these guys got smart and cut him out)
    – D1GP USA (no longer around, drove the D1 brand to the ground)
    – Hot import Nights (he was not the creator or one of the original owners)
    – XDC….
    For me it is nothing against XDC (the drivers, staff, etc.), really it is about this guy that has burned so many people I know for years and years and he is allowed to continue to do it, amazing.

  14. Drifterboy says:

    There is tons more man. Ask some of the guys like Guzman, Rich Goodwin, Prevetti Group, Ursula Mayes and countless others. this guy is a user and scammer. Its not XDC that’s the issue. It had potential but the point everyone misses is Mike runs and has run both and only uses XDC to fund his ego dream of Hot Import Nights former glory. They talk about how lucrative XDC HIN Phoenix was but they can”t pay their drivers? I smell something do you?

  15. Me Ah Me Drift says:

    Wow man. You really just saved me alot of time and money. Im not driving in that bullshit. Thanks bro

  16. Drifterboy says:

    Wow the other story is gone? So much for non biased reporting.

  17. Me Ah Me Pinoy says:

    That same Mike dude burned me as a promoter a while back. I tried calling him like 50 times but he never answered the phone or called me back. When I did finally get a hold of him, he said the check was in the mail. Never came.

  18. Drifterboy says:

    OH my bad

  19. Drifterboy says:

    Wrecked? Where did the story about XDC go?

  20. Mr Black says:

    I would like to say a few things and to be clear my name is John and i own Black Ops Performance. I worked as a Judge for XDC and Hot Import Nights. for several years. I invested my time and money to support XDC as well as Hot Import Nights. I know all the key guys and I have read all this stuff. Were there issues with driver debts? Yes. Was everyone happy? No. Did people leave the company? Yes. Anyone who owns a business can tell you can’t make everyone happy. I personally talked to Wayne last night and he has taken the role of event coordinator. I worked with Wayne judging events He is a good trustworthy man and a loyal friend. I’m told the drivers either have been paid or are in the process and the 2012 season is being run in a far more professional way. I will personally be attending the Orlando event with a few JDM rides and showing my support to XDC and my brothers Wayne and Bob. I encourage everyone interested to join me. I don’t approve of how its become personal. Its a business. That’s it.