Potential Track Change for Road Atlanta Next Week

Posted on May 3, 2012 In Formula D Major Announcements

What does everyone think of the drivers going the other way around the loop in Atlanta. At first glance I would imagine that this track will handicap the lower HP cars even more than seasons before. It can make the loop more entertaining for fans when you have two horsepower matched cars going at it in tandem. The track change isn’t final but it looks like something that is being considered. What is your thoughts on the track change?


  1. Lex King says:

    so are dori’s going to be frowned upon getting to the top of the loop, are drivers expected to power it up and around with no correction or transitions?

  2. roido says:

    from a spectators point of view there will be less action and the dramatic loss off speed to make the new course will just lessen the skill appreciation. Dont mess with perfection.

  3. Zero says:

    So are they going to be allowed to straighten up for that straight part? Its not a short distance and it is going uphill, low HP cars are going to get eaten alive if they cant keep the speed up. Say a 600hp car slows down intentionally in S turn to throw off his 200hp opponent, Mr high hp can still get his speed back, Mr 200hp, not so much. Might as well just remove the tire limitations at that point.

  4. sittharn jungate says:

    roido makes a good point. dont mess with perfection. ATL was awesome the way it was.

    nowadays, there is no such thing as underpowered cars in Formula D. think about it. which car has less than 300whp? I cant think of one. I believe every car can make it up the hill. But what the fuck. its boring. Ive seen it done during the drivers intro back when they used to introduce the top 16 drivers one at a time. It was lame.

  5. Zero says:

    Yeah you do got a point. With everything being V8s an all. Hell even the rookies now are running no less then 350.

  6. are the cars expected to hold the drift after the 2nd turn all the way into the loop?

  7. DUBteez says:

    hey atleast they’ll only wear out one tire at a time… sigh. i like atlanta the way it always has been.

  8. The old layout works great, always has. I really hope they don’t really change it, otherwise I’ll really start using the word really four times in one compound sentence.


  9. Ace says:

    Yo Dawg….

    But REALLY if it ain’t broke don’t fix it

  10. Slider S15 says:

    This is gonna really hurt the lower powered cars and is a bad idea. Not everyone has a V8 and this is just gonna open up the divide between them even further.

    Even if the lower powered cars are running 350bhp+ compared to the 700-1000bhp cars in FD nowadays they will be eaten alive!

    Plus there is the torque element. Some people may have the power but not all of them have the same levels of torque as the high powered stuff. The Turbo 4-pots and Rotaries may really be disadvantaged by the new layout.

    I don’t see why you’d change the layout anyways…

  11. zachnthebox says:

    i think they need to leave the track design alone for a safety standpoint think about this cars initiate at 85-97 mph and then drift through the S still goin a good 40-50 mph and then would take a nice hard right and drift through the loop some would lose a good amount of speed but the angle through was so awesome as they gained it back goin back up the hill
    now think about this the new layout would be a disaster if someone wipes out the fence is really close to the loop, before there would be runoff, Now there would be the hard concrete wall where the bridge is the spectators are there is about maybe 5-7 ft of grass then a wall and in the loop they would carry too much speed there would be too many accidents in the loop and more wipeouts after the loop they would be like 60-70 mph and then drift to 40 and then basically kill momentum and it would be a slow drift up the S to the final 90 up the hill it would be a total disaster!!!!!

  12. Jelani says:

    I like the current setup also, but im interested to see what happens if they try it this way just to mix things up.
    and i cant think of a car in FD far under 400 hp and if your under 400 hp in FD did you really have much of a chance to begin with??? just being honest

  13. Matt says:

    I like this new layout, it cuts the instant speed advantage from going downhill.

  14. cfrost says:

    jelani is right

    I did the vegas course in my 250whp s13 and felt like an idiot for even entering – the whole thing about the worrying about the “lower powered cars” is kinda a moot point. Why show up if you’re going to have difficulty even completing the course? So you can make top 16 and get knocked out anyway?

    It’s Formula D, just show up with decent power

    that said.. I’d vote to keep the old course. It’s a great course, drivers/fans love it, so why screw with it?

  15. Why not try it? Worst case, it gets changed back, no biggie. The cars today can do it, change can be good. PS, this is actually the “original” course layout.

  16. I always thought the low hp guys were getting dusted coming out of the horseshoe and going into a relatively long corner. It seems like they would just be able to carry speed, since they’re already at high rpm. Coming out of the horseshoe with the proposed setup seems like they’re trying to help low hp cars by making that left turn a little shorter and not making them up shift in the middle of the turn. Never driven there so I don’t really know.

  17. DriftWarriorz says:

    They should just leave it they way it is…and think about the layout for Round 3 PBIR

  18. rotarypower says:

    Been to every Atlanta since the beginning I think its gonna be more technical cause instead of coming out of The shoe and standing on the throttle.now fliiping it going the other way its really tight section and low speed could set up for some awesome door to door

  19. Kids Heart says:

    I support this change as long as they allow a manji from turn two into the Horshoe.

  20. rotarypower says:

    ^^LOL I doubt that..they will have to allow dirt drops cause there will be a lot of those trying to get the right line goin into the shoe

  21. alan brentzel says:

    all this is crazy ^ im in pro am and not worried at all about that straight, let alone the fd guys im sure are not. if anyone enters the pro am and has to manji that straight ,they should not enter the comp! i like the new layout going to be high speed and fun to drive. also the people that are doing this comp are hoping to go FD next year so we might as well do what the pros are doing and not fall behind

  22. byron h. says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if SWD runs the pro am the old layout even if FD changes it up for Rd.2

  23. I just tried this on Forza Motorsport 4 and linked it 1st try.

    I don’t understand all the hubbub.

  24. xXxJohnnyxXx says:

    I’m in pro am, and i believe some of us will have trouble, this just means we have to work on our suspension set up, and workign with the car to get it right for this. I would love to run the old layout but, if they change might as well stick with it.

  25. Chunky Munky says:

    The line is more technical on this course to make it up the hill. But other than that, the course is boring with this change. In order to get up the hill they’d have to cut inside on transition to swing outside on the way up. It’s really awkward leaving the horseshoe though.

  26. Jenson says:

    Why not have them start from turn 12 side, under the bridge, and do the loop the same as always. You’d just be coming into it on a tight radius.

  27. lifer says:

    Remember when they changed Irwindale for one year? It was changed back the following year. I like the change and I think it will give those who are underpowered in the FD level can make up ground in the horseshoe and be able to ride door to door in the last few corners closing the gap. If it doesn’t work out then they will change it back next year. At least they are trying to mix it up a bit to keep things interesting for the drivers.

    @ MikePetersBro
    In Forza 4, how far back did you line up to run that course. Standing start right? I’m thinking of trying it myself.