Chris Forsberg Makes the Case to Drift Local

Posted on May 3, 2012 In Chris Forsberg Formula D Grassroots

We noticed Chris Forsberg at the Clubloose Spring Moves event with his competition Nissan 370z and wanted him to spend a minute talking about his experience since starting in drifting with Clubloose and why/what you should be doing at a local grassroots drift event. The next two paragraphs are his words on the local New Jersey series and why you should be drifting local in your area.

Chris Forsberg – “Club Loose is the longest running drifting organization in North America (and almost the world!). There are several reasons why Club Loose has been building pro drifters since day one; regularly scheduled events, access to an enormous high speed road course, and Matt Petty’s unparalleled dedication to running drift events.

On top of that, several pro drivers are usually in attendance and the east coast spirit of “lending a hand” ensures that new and old drivers will get the help they need to learn quickly. Tandem practice is encouraged as long as you meet all the safety standards and are hand picked to drive in the advanced group from Club Loose staff.

I love attending the Club Loose events because of the camaraderie and non stop fun. The events are super laid back but once you are on track, it’s serious time. Even when I come in with my pro car for some testing on their road course, the atmosphere remains the same as if I were in my missile… KDF.”

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