VegasDrift 2012 Pro Am Series Round 2 Heating Up [RESULTS]

Posted on Apr 29, 2012 In Formula D Pro Am Grassroots Vegas Drift

Another great Vegas Drift weekend called Heating Up was a great representation of the drift action and local weather here in Las Vegas. This green S13.4 coupe took home top honors over the weekend with a great first place finish beating former Formula Drift/XDC driver Forrest Wang. This is how the podium finished up.

1. Garret Nikolich
2. Forrest Wang
3. Brandon Wicknick


  1. byron h. says:

    lol that’s the photo from the flyer.

  2. TSUNAMI-Donny says:

    I’m pretty sure that pictured car (×413.jpg ) is Forrest. Compare the picture with the post of Forrest’s double win a week or so ago.

  3. Aldarris says:

    Both of their cars look the same.

  4. TSUNAMI-Donny says:

    Correction: Of course Forrest and Garrett would be running completely identical cars.

  5. garret says:

    no, thats a picture of me, from round 1, can you change it to a picture from this round with M7 on the car? they arnt COMPLETELY identical…

  6. garret says:

    oh and wrecked used a picture from last year when forrest was running this car lol.

  7. garret says:

    for xdc that is.

  8. Danny George says:

    The cars are Pretty similiar. Forrest has some extra sponsor stuff on the sideskirts and the biggest thing this pic doesnt show is that they are both M7 Japan cars now. You can find on youtube that Forrest might have won but did a unneeded pass on the last corner resulting in a loss.

    Congrats to the drivers this weekend. Saw some rad driving and the fans were loving it.

    Nick and the whole crew did an amazing job. The course was good, the facility looks so dope with all the banners. No huge crashes. Smooth running event. Judging was on point as always. Xoxo Vegasdrift

  9. Nick Dizon says:

    Congrats to all the podium winners!

    The driving at this event has improved tremendously! The flyer from the event was shot by Drew @ OMG Drift. This photo was taken by Yukio at Round 1.