2012 Formula Drift Round 2 at Road Atlanta Drivers List

Here is a comprehensive list of drivers that will be in action at Round 2 Road Atlanta. Get ready for what will be one of the best round of the 2012 Formula Drift season. Enjoy the drives list below. With 50 drivers signed up this is most likely the largest grid in Formula Drift Road Atlanta history.

1. Fredric Aasbo
2. Jeff Abbott
3. Emmanuel Amandio
4. Tony Angelo
5. Taka Aono
6. Odi Bakchis
7. Tony Brakohiapa
8. Dave Briggs
9. Jhonnattan Castro
10. Andrew Coomes
11. Nick D’Alessio
12. Chelsea DeNofa
13. Michael Essa
14. Matt Field
15. Chris Forsberg
16. Danny George
17. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
18. Patrick Goodin
19. Conrad Grunewald
20. Ken Gushi
21. Zoltan Hadju
22. Brad Hettinger
23. Corey Hosford
24. Jeff Jones
25. Ryan Kado
26. Alex Lee
27. Luke Lonberger
28. Jeremy Lowe
29. Joon Maeng
30. George Marstanovic
31. Darren McNamara
32. Enrique Mendoza Jr.
33. Dennis Mertzanis
34. Rhys Millen
35. Kenneth Moen
36. Patrick Mordaunt
37. Robbie Nishida
38. Maurico Omelas Jr.
39. Miroslav Ovcharik
40. Justin Pawlak
41. Matt Powers
42. Daigo Saito
43. Mike Skudlarek
44. Gabe Stone
45. Nick Thomas
46. Ryan Tuerck
47. Chris Ward
48. Walker Wilkerson
49. Daijiro Yoshihara
50. Toshiki Yoshioka


  1. lifer says:

    George M. is making the trip to Atlanta! Thats awesome. Best of luck to you out there!

  2. Twitch says:

    I love that a lot of the rookies are east coasters!

  3. Drift Police says:

    No Eric O’Sullivan? Ouuuuuuuuch! He moved his life from Ireland to drive in 3 rounds of comp last year! Tough deal!

  4. YOitzJDM says:

    No ross petty???????

    I think this is the first ever formula D event he’s missed

  5. JohnnyBeez says:

    Enrique Mendoza is gonna smash errbody!!!

  6. So many rookies, awesome. Look at FD grow!

  7. Mattie f says:

    No dean Kearney either what’s up wit dat both him and Eric o sullivan both deserve seats in fd eos was never given a real shot how bad !!!

  8. Blaze1 says:

    Dean and Eric didn’t have a real shot?

    Dean in the 06 Championship chassis

    Eric in the 09 Runner up chassis

    I think that was a pretty good shot for two dudes who didn’t bother to bring their own programs stateside.

    I want to see them start again from the ground up in FD.

  9. Actually gonna have to agree with Blaze here, not knocking the guys but they had some pretty solid cars and didn’t really bring their A-game to compliment the equipment.

  10. bigworm951 says:

    im going for are hometown favorite odi best of luck to you bro

  11. omgthatguy says:

    eric ran the solstice, a near championship car. Funding is keeping him out this season. Dean is working on a deal to come over. If the car he is trying to drive is finished he may be driving in ATL

  12. Marstanovic is gonna get wyld!

  13. NickD says:

    Jeff Jones on the podium. Run and tell that homeboy!

  14. Omar says:

    Good to see JCastroRacing and City Tire on the 2nd round. Lots of support from the Dominican Republic. Good luck!

  15. negritosky23 says:

    Vamos jhon los dominicanos estamos aqui… dale!!!