Daigo Saito’s Formula Drift Asia Lexus IS250C in Photos [SNAPSHOTS]

Posted on Apr 22, 2012 In D1GP Daigo Saito International

Another great find from Powervehicles.com put up some of the first images taken of Daigo Saito’s Lexus IS250C. They already put up the first video which we posted here, Daigo Saito Testing at Ebisu Circuit. The car is sitting on Achilles Tires ATR Sport ¬†tires which are his major sponsor in 2012. This Lexus IS250C looks aggressive and will be heading to southeast Asia to compete in Formula Drift Asia. The car features a 2JZ-GTE engine, running a NOS nitrous system, and a custom made and stamped Koyo Radiator.

Source: http://www.powervehicles.com/



  1. That is pretty incredible…and just straight baller status he has the SC and the IS decked out like that.

    The IS is way cooler though.

  2. gripjunkie says:

    this guy has awesome looking cars this year a sick chaser, sc, now an is that super sick.
    and i like how he keep a low profile color simple and clean..his in it to win this year..
    my favorite driver .

  3. i wish he brought the IS over instead of the SC. the IS is gangsteriffic.

  4. Slider S15 says:

    Thats just PORN!!!

  5. Awesome work! I wonder why the kept the top on this car, but no top on the SC?

  6. Casey says:

    He has a top for the SC. Just didnt want it on id assume.