Irwindale Speedway Drag Strip Back Open this Thursday – More Business as Usual

According to various reports the Irwindale Speedway drag strip is reopening this Thursday April 26th proving once again that Irwindale Speedway is back on track to being business as usual. About once a week we get asked if the Round 7 at Irwindale Speedway will still be happening and the answer is quickly yes. Scion recently used the track before FD Long Beach for a test day and now drag racing is back in weekly action. Here is a message from the Dragzine article, “We want everyone to know how much Jim Mnoian and Jay Garrett, the owners of the Irwindale property have been very involved with the process of getting the drag strip back on line. These two gentleman are both team players and understand what the drag strip means to the community,” said Cohan.



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  1. Richard Cranium says:

    You guys missed the biggest point, Chris Knight was there!!!!