2012 Xtreme Drift Circuit Round 2 at Firebrid Raceway [RESULTS]

Posted on Apr 14, 2012 In Forrest Wang RESULTS XDC

Forrest Wang manages to go back to back this weekend with two wins at the double round XDC weekend in Phoenix, Arizona. The podium shook up a little bit with a Formula Drift rookie making one awesome performance in his Crab Broker Mazda Miata. The day two aftermath of XDC put Forrest Wang well ahead in the points chase for the 2012 season. Here is how the podium finished up.

1. Forrest Wang
2. Stewart Laesk
3. Danny George


  1. InfraRed says:

    Stew killin em!

  2. I wonder who is winning the points….hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. Alika says:

    Get nuts!!! Yeah Forrest.

  4. To see Forrest sleep through practice and go out to qualify with the heaviest run of the day was amazing. What was less amazing was the judging. I guess this is drifting, deal with it or go snowboarding huh.

  5. Dr plz says:

    forrests run was decent but it doesnt take a genius to realize he was way slower day two. he kept having cutout issues. it was much better off day 1.

  6. Great entry, on every clipping point, good angle and on throttle more than anyone. How does that equal decent. I’ll give it to Nate Hamilton, when he was going for it, his entries were straight ballistic and he kept really good angle. But he wasn’t on top of the clipping points as hard and he was off throttle much more than Forrest. No matter how you argue it, it’s a sign of skill to keep the engine off idle the entire time and in it’s most potent range. I have nothing against V8’s, just that most people use their strengths to mask a lacking area of skill. Speed shouldn’t be as important as people make it now days.

  7. Dr plz says:

    there has always been a judging point for speed. why wouldn’t there be? you enter and hold the course 10mph slower and that shit is going to suck.

  8. haters gona hate says:

    umm.. no.. there was no change in speed, and the car was ruining perfect all weekend…

  9. Danny George says:

    Pretty sure you’d be the only person to question petty’s judging. Forsberg might know a little something about it as well. Can’t remember who else was judging. Seems that your only complaining about Forrests qual run. He won the event so whats the issue. They must have been wrong there too right :rolleyes:

    Congrats to everyone who drove. I think the fans loved it.

    Props to all the XDC staff for putting on a rad event. Love the “have fun” attitude from everyone. Drivers meeting was awesome. Had a blast!

  10. Lee says:

    MIKE SCHNEIDER!!! was the third judge

    Congrats to everyone. especially MIKE SCHNEIDER!!!

  11. mike collins says:

    Thanks to all the drivers and fans that came out, you guys are what make these events awesome.

  12. You are what makes it awesome Mike Collins. Haha

    But seriously, amazing event! Had a blast!!

  13. Danny I understand your position as a driver in that you don’t want to burn any bridges. I have nothing against Petty and I think he’s a true proponent of grassroots drifting. I do disagree with the judging during qualifying and I had left around 4pm so I didn’t get to see any competition. I am however, close friends with a few respected drivers and the general consensus was that Forrest had hands down the best qualifying run of the day. Of course speed should be judged but at the end of the day it’s not about who can get through the course the fastest, this isn’t racing.

    Also, Stew, holy shit broski! I didn’t get to see all of it but from what I did see, you are a tandem monster!!