Odi Bakchis Vs. Vaughn Gittin Jr. in the Top 32 [VIDEO]

Posted on Apr 10, 2012 In Formula D Odi Bakchis Vaughn Gittin Jr. Video

The run before this saw Vaughn Gittin Jr. make a huge mistake going into the first turn of the Long Beach track but this didn’t stop him from putting down one amazing follow run against Odi Bakchis. Big props should go out to the 2011 Rookie of the Year for being unphased on his lead lap as Vaughn Gittin Jr. came knocking on his door with a Ford Mustang making more horsepower than his LS1 powered 240sx. Vaughn has now struggled at Long Beach for the last two years in a row which really will hold him up against another title run.


  1. conspire says:

    best chase lap of the weekend.

  2. Kids Heart says:

    Yes it was. I wonder how the battles would have looked like If he didn’t screw up on his lead run.

  3. Powahh says:

    Someone post a vid of his lead run

  4. lifer says:

    JR was doing everything he could to get Odi to flinch and spin. It wasn’t working so JR pushed his front left tire into the rear right wheel of Odi’s car at the hairpin pushing him into the wall. Props to Odi for putting up with that. A well earned win. Odi will be going places for sure.

  5. Vaughn says:

    @ lifer no doubt I was pushing hard to make up for the huge throwaway mistake I made when leading.The slight rubbing was just a result of being locked onto the target and running a radius out of a turn along with Odi, nothing purposely malicious.

    Based on the new Tandem criteria the FD judges have implemented don’t expect it to be the last time you see some rubbing in FD either.

    I love when haters like you take any opportunity to take a stab.

  6. lifer says:

    @ Vaughn

    My opinion I from what I saw. I have seen you reduce your radius without spinning on numerous occasions to avoid contact on that same corner. Yeah the judges want closer battles, I heard that. I will be the first to admit shit happens in the heat of the battle, but your driving aggression showed what you were thinking, but it wasn’t working and looked like it got the best of you. Not once did I say you intentionally aimed to attack or take out your anger on Odi in any way as a direct act of aggression for what happened in your follow run. I’m sure he felt it, but was cool about it.

    I’m sure a lot of people hate on you for whatever reason, and that’s apart of being really good, but I shouldn’t have to tell you that.

    I’ve been a fan of your driving since the original teal/blue Mustang. The All American Pro Drift Champion! I think your machine now is one of the most sophisticated and well built cars in the field. Now coming on here and tell me that the contact was wasn’t a consequence of your battle aggression, but its due to “new Tandem criteria the FD judges implemented”, fine I’ll buy that. Now to call me out as a hater? I don’t “hate ” any driver, or engine swap, or chassis choice.

    I do dislike Pro drivers who label their fans instead of being humble in understanding they weren’t there, and a simple explanation would enlighten the opinion giver to see things your way and keep it positive…but I shouldn’t have to tell you that either.

    Best of luck you Vaughn. I am hoping for a big comeback from you this season. Honestly.

  7. bro says:

    damn lifer, way to puss out

  8. lifer says:

    Damn “bro” you didn’t get anything I said.

  9. Vaughn says:

    @lifer I appreciatte your years of support. That’s awesome to hear. The way your post is written reads that because I didn’t make Odi flinch or spin ,that I pinned him against the wall. I am simply clarifying that is incorrect and I stand by reasoning as to why I was pushing so hard all the way to the finish line.

    If you meant something other then what you posted publicly here I Apologize.

    Thanks for the wishes, looking forward to giving us that comeback!

  10. Mike Peters says:

    Dang, someone got the screename ‘bro’

    That is awesome.



  12. Brah says:

    Me has hams for fists and use gas pedal then get mad when hits wall.

  13. This thread is getting ultra sick

    Ultra fast.

    Keep it sick bros.

  14. Show the first run where Senor Cholestrol hit the wall the did a sweet manji, then proceeded to hit a wall…..manji again.

  15. @vaughn WOW totally wrong for trying to calling lifer out like that nor was he hating on you.but then again u think everybody is hating on you if they aren’t a fan of you.I’m bummed u left the entertaining part of the run.u letting ur emotions get the best of you and standing on the throttle and slamming the rear into the wall.NOT TO SMART,2 THUMBS UP FOR U 🙂

  16. Danny George says:

    Sick ass chase run. DEF one of the best tandems of the weekend.

    Not that I didn’t have respect for Vaughn but after this weekend I gained a lot more. It is clear why he has made it to where he is and humble is for sure a word I would use to describe him.

    Much appreciated for the talk Vaughn. We will have that crab feast soon enough. Show ya what real crab is all about instead of those tiny east coast blue crabs your used to!

  17. Broski Heart says:

    Just had to get in on all the bro fun

  18. Ninocrack says:

    That chase run was amazing. I very appreciate that Vaughn take time to explain here what happen.