2012 Formula Drift Long Beach [RESULTS]

For the second year in a row. Justin Pawlak takes home 1st place in Long Beach

1. Justin Pawlak
2. Daijiro Yoshihara
3. Daigo Saito


  1. Kids Heart says:

    So JTP corrects chasing Dai and is still gifted another win?

  2. The Rage says:

    Yea KIDSHEART i said the same thing, that was weak. Dai smoked justin, the judges were riding justins nuts the whole event.

  3. Powahh says:

    JTP didn’t have such a great run and corrected.
    I feel like Dai was robbed.

  4. jaja says:

    If you really watched both the runs it would be obvious why JTP got the win. Watch the replays stupid.

  5. Mike Peters says:

    Black Wheels on the podium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. rotarypower says:

    Both of them really didn’t gave good runs should had been a omt

  7. gsxr750 says:

    Definitly should of been omt.

  8. Mike Peters says:

    You guys just want a OMT so you can hear all those sweet-nasty v8’s. ‘Merica.

  9. Shawn says:

    Youre still talking about black wheels Mike? Original

  10. Mike Peters says:

    Keep it sick bro.

  11. Brian says:

    what are you talking about! those cats ran like ballers! they ran super aggressive and super hard… I guess you weren’t watching the same event I was…

  12. Kids Heart says:

    Daigo Saito vs Daijiro Yoshihara and Aasbo vs Yoshihara should have gone OMT.

  13. Forsberg v Pawlak should have been omt. But I can’t lie JTP just drove like a boss. It felt like nobody else was running consistently enough compared to JTP.

  14. Kids Heart says:

    Consistently smacking the walls. When you cut out every peace of metal behind the rear struts and replace it with composite I’m sure you can survive crashing into the walls without altering your drift. May as well allow tube frames at this rate.

  15. sidekick says:

    Kids heart, i take it you didn’t see Gittin Jr stick his mustang into the outer wall on turn 2 then? There is still a tube structure at the back of the car and that structure is still going to act like a chassis when your tapping walls. Hit it too hard and you’re going in.

    Haters gunna hate, JTP was consistent all weekend with mind blowing wall runs. I’m not his greatest fan but he did deserve the win.

    One things for sure, whilst everyone continue making bull shit excuses as to why their favourite driver didn’t get through, or this battle should have been a OMT because I don’t like V8’s, this sport isn’t going to grow, it’s just going to sit stagnant. The judging was pretty accurate this event in my eyes and everyone I was watching it with on the stream.

    This event was great. The only thing I thought was bad was the number of amateurs spinning out in qualifying. This is FD. FD is trying to tell the world it’s the worlds best drifting body. If you can’t run the course you shouldn’t be here, simple as that. I think FD wants to look more closely at who they are giving licenses. If you’re not ready you’re not ready. Some of the amateurs are really on the ball, George M, Jeremy Lowe, Danny George was killing it (If he hadn’t run out of fuel on his first run!), you have to wonder how the others are getting the same license…

  16. PancerzSX says:

    They aren’t amateurs anymore, they’re rookies. On a side note i wanted to see MTP pull it out. I am a jtp fan but i really thought it dai vs. Jtp was a OMT

  17. Kids Heart says:

    It’s not just JTP’s stang, it’s almost all Formula D cars. They hack up the chassis so much there’s hardly any sheet metal left. They have become semi tube frame cars like the the Viper CC we all rallied against in the past.

    JR and D Mac contacted rear tire to the wall. Is that where we are at? crashing into walls without spinning is an advantage? Skimming the wall with your rear bumper is skill, compressing a foot of your rear bumper/fender is akin to a dirt drop which is already penalized.

    The judges need to be more transparent and consistent. I think I agreed with Eggert most of the time and when I did not, he wanted OMT which is always cool in my book. Lanteigne and Yen ruined the event for me. They couldn’t make up their minds as to what constituted a dominant tandem run. If the runs were close Eggert would score OMT while Lanteigne and Yen seemed to jointly select the top sponsered star power. Dai v Aasbo and Dai v Saito comes to mind. Dai is my favorite and the TC can crash and burn for all I care but fair is fair, those matches were not clear cut victories for Yoshihara and Brian Eggert agreed.

    Formula Drift is extremely successful so there is little incentive for them to change but these are the opinions of a lowly die hard fan.

  18. Mike Peters says:

    “JR and D Mac contacted rear tire to the wall. Is that where we are at? crashing into walls without spinning is an advantage? Skimming the wall with your rear bumper is skill, compressing a foot of your rear bumper/fender is akin to a dirt drop which is already penalized.”

    This. This. This.

  19. Shawn says:

    Cool stories bros. Loud, overweight announcer/v8’s/ 10 beer. FD is nascar.

  20. Scaifey says:

    ^absolutely right, all of this

  21. Cool stories bros. Professional drifting will always be a “show” or “demonstration” type motorsport. All of the judges past, current and future will all have their own opinions and agendas that affect the outcome of competitors. Formula Drift should be viewed in much of the same way as a soap opera. It’s cool to see the cars/drivers evolve, but as far as a respectable platform of competition…not so much. This should be evident by having a heavy set, sweaty guy named “J-Rod” screaming into the microphone about “gangsta lines” and crowd waves.

  22. Powahh says: