Ryan Tuerck Talks To Us About Retaks And Plans for 2012

Posted on Apr 5, 2012 In Formula D Ryan Tuerck

1. Tell us about how the 2011 season ended for you and where did that put you as a result after Irwindale Speedway? 
The 2011 season didn’t end as well as I had hoped. My goal all year was to finish top 5 in the championship and we finished 7th. A big issue last year was lack of test time and R&D on the car. We were only able to test one time all of last year. After Irwindale I was in the middle of working on a few other deals. I made the decision to leave the current program because it became an environment that I didn’t want to be apart of anymore. I drift because it is my passion and it is the most fun thing I do with my life. If you are having fun and extremely positive you are going to do well. As soon as that is taken away from you and it turns into a job then your results are going to suffer.

2. What have you been doing in the off-season to prepare for the 2012 season?
The offseason is always extremely busy, sometimes busier than the actual FD season. You are typically doing two things, getting your ride and deals together for Formula D and getting your personal cars ready for the Grassroots season.  I have been spending a lot of my time at home in New Hampshire in the garage working on my personal cars getting them ready for the Clubloose season in Englishtown, NJ.

3. What was the motivation to watch your Stir Crazy video?
There wasn’t mutch motivation involved. It is something that happens on a regular basis at home. I have a driveway that just so happens to be long enough to drift so I enjoy it as much as possible. I had been working on my missile car for a couple months, building and installing a new motor so when it was time to break her in I called up Jeremy White and asked him if he wanted to come up and shoot some footage in my driveway. We came up with a cool quick concept. I utilized a few things around our property and put a fun video together.

4. Will you ever actually leave your driveway one day in these videos?
Haha, I’m always trying to come up with new cool ideas for videos in my driveway but I will be running out of ideas soon so as soon.  As the Clubloose season starts I will be bringing my Missile car and 1JZ car to E-town to shred some tires and do some filming.

5. So rumor has it your going to be driving the Retaks S13.5? Any truth to this?
Yeah, David the owner of Retaks and I put a deal together and I’m really excited. It’s nice to work with somebody that wants to have as much fun in this sport as you do. David is really investing a lot into the team this year making sure that I have everything I need on the track to finish on the podium. Being back in an S chassis is like going back to my roots, I will feel right at home. My brother is going to be my spotter and my long time friend Bobby will be my mechanic. Driving for the Retaks team this year is going to be a big change for me and I’m expecting to just have a ton of fun with it.

6. This car has quite the history in Formula Drift and is probably the longest running chassis in the sport. What does it mean to be driving something with a long racing history?
In drifting driving something with such a long history is usually a bad thing haha. The cars and chassis usually get beat up pretty bad. The Retaks car is in great shape though and with all the work David has put into it it should be the best it has ever been.

7. Tell us about the power plant on this car?
The Retaks car has a Brian Crower stoker kit in an LS3. The engine is really solid and was built well by a local machine shop out in vegas. I haven’t seen dyno numbers since some upgrades have been made but it should be in the ballpark of 550WHP.

8. What changes have been made since you are now taking over driving duty for Toshiki Yoshioka?
KW has been working with us to make some big suspension improvements to the car. SPL parts have been helping us with some arms and prototype stuff for the car. The motor is getting improvements, we have some new kickass fifteen52 Tarmac wheels on the car, the livery on the car is going to be one of the biggest changes. David, gave the Hoonigans and I some creative control over the design of the car and it definitely suits my personal style a lot more, besides that I’m putting some finishing touches on the car to make it more comfortable for me to drive.

9. Any new sponsors coming on board for 2012?
Lots of new sponsors on board this year. We are working with some really cool brands. I’m super pumped about bringing Maxxis tires back into the Formula D series.  Maxxis has an unbelievable tire for Drifting and it is going add a lot to the performance of our team. The Hoonigans have stepped up to play a big role as a sponsor this year, Fifteen52 wheels is helping us out with some really fresh wheels for the car. KW is setting us up with a great suspension package. Alpinestars is still supporting me as well as, ACT clutches, and Electric sunglasses. Retaks is also bringing a lot of great support to the team this year from Supertech performance valves, Brian crower, Aoyama studios, Kamei,


  1. bro says:

    That sucks that he lost mobil 1 and redbull that quickly and easily.

  2. BOBBY says:

    He never had Mobile 1 Gardella Racing did, and he would of never had Redbull if it wasn’t for them. Hey news flash, when your being paid to do something it is a job.

  3. JC says:

    He made the right call

  4. hamster says:

    Amazing the old Enjuku S13 is still running. Though not sure about the shape.. considering it’s had at least one back put on the car, and countless fronts. I don’t even want to think about what the framerails look like.

    Interesting setup, stepping back to underdog status, but I think they will do well. To a lot of people in this sport it’s not about the money, it’s about driving. Best of luck to them.