Matt Field Presents his 2012 Formula Drift Car

Posted on Apr 4, 2012 In Formula D Spy Shots

Matt was kind enough to send his car photos from his driveway to another website but we figured we would be nice and share them over here. Matt Field is now running Maxxis Tires, ACT Clutch, and a slew of other cars on what looks to be a fish? The big/hype wheel machine that is Rotiform has hopped on board with Matt this year. Hopefully he has a great season this year!




  1. jc says:

    wtf is this crap?

  2. jc says:


  3. This looks amazing. Well done with the overhaul of this car. I’m not feeling the front bumper too much, but everything else is brilliant.

  4. there are many words i’d use to describe this livery, “amazing” is not one of them. Sorry Matt.

  5. Rice Rice Baby…. i actually dig this tbh..its wild ugly and out there…dope

  6. YOitzJDM says:

    That dude gets more colorblind by the year

  7. Rbs14 says:

    Its the front bumper that doesnt work for me !!!!!

    Last year > this year

  8. Rabb says:

    Only thing I like are the wheels.

  9. Tramain says:

    The car looks good