Fredric Aasbo Loses A Wheel in Testing [SNAPSHOT]

Posted on Apr 2, 2012 In Formula D Fredric Aasbo Scion Wrecks

We got sent this photograph through our contact form of Fredric Aasbo losing a wheel during the Scion Test Day at Irwindale Speedway. It looks like they had a small issue with the rear drivers side wheel causing it to come detached from body. A big bummer for Fredric Aasbo but better for him to happen during a testing instead of at Streets of Long Beach this weekend.


  1. hollywood says:

    someone buy those guys a touq wrech on the quickness. this is what the 3rd wheel he has lost….

    someone fill me in on the story.

  2. Jar says:

    He’s going back to the future, come on!

  3. Brad Heyl says:

    I had a flashback of a 24 hour race with Tanner Foust in a Scion TC and his car lost a wheel too. What is it with these Scions? Weird hub diameter?

  4. YOitzJDM says:

    Has he been hanging out with Stephan Verdier????

  5. DUBteez says:

    I imagine the rear spindles on these things aren’t that tough. It’s not like they were intended to hold 600hp or any hp’s for that matter

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