Charles Ng Brings Drifting to the WTCC in Spain [VIDEO]

Posted on Apr 2, 2012 In Charles Ng International

It didn’t take long before Charles Ng got the itch to step out from behind the wheel of the Team Engstler Liqui-Moly BMW and back into a drift car. At the second round of the World Touring Car Championship in Valencia, Spain, Charles did just that. This past weekend, Charles took to the wheel of the Nissan S13″Safety Car” in between races and put on a show for a new audience as he brought drifting to the World Touring Car Championship.¬†We asked Charles how the touring car crowd reacted to his demo and this is what he told us:

“The crowd was so excited, and EuroSport might have me do demos again in the future. Definitely for the American fans in Sonoma later this year!!”

So for those of you who commented on our last post asking for Charles to bring drifting to the World Touring Car audience, it would appear that Charles Ng and EuroSport have read your comments and delivered.


  1. lifer says:

    Thats awesome! Its so great to see fans of other motorsports really enjoy what drifting has to offer. I hope this starts to happen more often in the USofA where major racing events will have drift drivers perform a demo show before the main event.

  2. hollywood says:

    uh dude they did drift demos in texas last year, if i remember someones car caught fire or some shit!! and mad mike did a drift demo for the fans at the v8 super car races in australia… nothing new here

    wrecked get off charels ng’s nutts would you please ugh!!

  3. lifer says:

    uh yeah I know. I was stating they need to do this ” more often ” like every major racing event from other motorsports could hold a drift show.

    Your last comment though….really….dude….calm down.

  4. hollywood says:

    calm down? not up set mang just know there missing breaking drifting news and could give us more info on the rookies out there because there going to be big time game changers. the info is out and yet they still feal the need to report about irelivent stuff imho.

    so ya not upset just confused…….

    also where is the info on the stuff there going to start doing to help with judging and scoring like vled proximety sensors for clipping points and shit like that??? info is there and they are holding it back…..

  5. hollywood says:

    for people not at long beach today there is a vidoe on omg drift of tyle mc quarrie driving the gardella camero with foresberg on the east coast. holla at me for your breaking drift news!!

    check and peep his ls powered mazda miata. or maybe motoiq for the new judging and scorring info for the season………

    just saying…

  6. lifer says:

    Its just a little overkill to get your point across thats all.

    yes I know all about the new VLED proximity sensors, but there is a new Judging and scoring system? please update or post a link to where I can get more info on that.

    Hmm…yeah I saw his miata. I’ve seen so many with LS and Ford 5.0 engines that it was only a matter of time till someone got it into drfting.

  7. hollywood says:

    lifer the system was brodcasted on moto iq radio as to how things are going to go. also anyone have anyidea as to why fd is not on any longer?

  8. YOitzJDM says:

    i’m more interested in what Charles Ng is doing than what a bunch of rookies who may not even qualify for top 32 can put out in a press release…

    Good for Charles, and good for WTCC!! I’m glad they’re open to using Charles’ talents in any and every way possible! this can only bring more fans to the sport

  9. Sam says:

    Awesome, Charles! Truly an embassador for drifting! Keep it up and good luck in WTCC!

  10. Cool to see whats going on in every corner of the world. Nice to se Charles bringing the sport out to the people.