Ryan Kado Signs with Nexen Tire for 2012

Ryan Kado just announced he will be running on Nexen Tires for the 2012 season with his Nissan 350z. He is going to run the N9000 tire in the rear and a N6000 in the front. An interesting move switching compounds between the front and rear but clearly Kado has something cooked up for the new season. He will be on Nexen Tire along with 2010 Rookie of the Year Odi Bakchis and 10th place finisher Kyle Mohan.


  1. thena6c says:

    Nor cal kid making moves! I see him finishing in the top 16 this SEASON. That is if they keep that little idler arm or whatever that 10 dollar. Part is that keeps giving them problems.

  2. hollywood says:

    kado got big shit poppin and little shit stoppin.

    bring on 2012 baby

  3. YOitzJDM says:

    Are the N9000 even available in the US yet? I thought they were delayed on a boat somewhere…