Chelsea DeNofa’s E36 BMW – Formula D 2012 Engine Sneak Peak [SNAPSHOT]

Posted on Mar 18, 2012 In Formula D Spy Shots XDC

Chelsea DeNofa has brought BMW two XDC championships but before coming to compete in Formula Drift he has taken on the challenge of a new build. The new build should help him to be competitive if everything has come together with in before Long Beach. Judging by this engine/cooling photo this seems to be covered. How do you think rookie Chelsea DeNofa will do this season?


  1. Mike Peters says:

    I saw this on Pinterest earlier, sick!!

  2. hollywood says:

    same car just refreshed power plant i think ?? either way dude is going to do great this season.

  3. thena6c says:

    Anyone know what setup he will be running this year? I really hope this is a v8 slayer….not that I hate oon v8’s, I just want “children” to realize you don’t have to run a v8 to be great. #justsayn.

  4. steve b. says:

    laker colors

  5. Slider S15 says:

    Definate contender for Rookie of the year!!

  6. Casey says:

    Its not the green car. Thats in a junkyard in Texas.

  7. gettin tazed says:

    props to him for not just sticking a LS motor in thur!

  8. rotarypower says:

    He’s gonna shock some of the vet drivers for sure go get em chelsea

  9. Blaze1 says:

    Nobody runs V-Mount intercoolers anymore? I remember back in the day it seemed to be almost standard for a turbo car in FD lol.

  10. Mike Peters says:

    They all run twin intercoolers now.

    It’s called a twintercooler.

    It’s a good lyric to be able to throw in when you get caught in a rap battle when running the streets.

  11. clutch_kicker says:

    You don’t have to run a V8 to be great, but I’m still wanting/waiting to see someone break the top 5 in FD with a 6 or 4 banger. It’s tough.

  12. Hot Balls says:

    feel like this car will be similar to mike essa’s while looks cool and all i dont think it will be enough to still keep up with the top dogs. but def will be rooting for him for ROTY

  13. lifer says:


    To be great? NO definatly not.

    To win? Yes Definatly so.

  14. Thanks for all the positives guys!

    We are working had to get the car done and will hopefully be tuned and ready to test on Friday and Saturday. New tires, better steering geometry, Revalved suspension and rates, and 100 more horsepower!

    Can’t wait to drive!