Kyle Pollard Getting Ready for 2012 Formula Drift [VIDEO]

Posted on Mar 16, 2012 In Formula D Video

Formula Drift driver Kyle Pollard does a pre Long Beach promo which is cut short by problems with his SR20 engine at testing. Here is a preview of what he has coming in for the 2012 drifting season with his PSI 240sx. Follow the link below to watch the three minute video of Kyle gearing up for Streets of Long Beach.


  1. shawley says:

    PSI Nissan Silvia, not a 240SX

  2. Justin Yamashiro says:

    Shawley has the correct answer
    It’s an actual Silvia K though I remember Kyle was looking around during the off season for a LHD, but I think he’s sticking it to the RHD. Best of luck to Kyle this season.

  3. Rabb says:

    Haha saw the LS was like oh boy.

  4. DUBteez says:

    woo thank god. that sr sounds so damn mean in person!

  5. RapperDan says:

    LS with a SIKKY Kit it and shake off all them 4cyl problems goodbye!

  6. g says:


  7. DUBteez says:

    ^^^swings from nuts^^^^

  8. Jeremy says:

    Haha that was awesome.

  9. Caleb says:

    Super human strength? haha

  10. lifer says:

    Walker can do it and so can you! Best of luck with the new engine.

  11. g says:

    What motor is Walker running this year????


  12. lifer says:

    Not sure honestly. He did really well with the SR last year though. Maybe Kyle will have the same luck with his.