Formula Drift Billboard on the 710 Highway

Posted on Mar 15, 2012 In Chris Forsberg Daijiro Yoshihara Formula D

If your heading south into downtown on the 710 Highway you can see this billboard marking the reality that Streets of Long Beach is around the corner! This photo came from the Instagram of 2011 champion Dai Yoshihara who has to be bummed he didn’t make it on the billboard. We are sure he is much more focused on doing the repeat with the championship in his Discount Tire S13. The 710 Highway is promoting the Streets of Long Beach, are you ready for Round 1!?


  1. JacobPhoto says:

    I see that billboard every day on my drive home! it’s on the 710s just past the 405s, right before the split for downtown

  2. lifer says:

    It would make more sense to have Dai’s car on there. I wonder why it’s not.

  3. Lee says:

    Maybe because NOS energy drink is a main sponsor of FD? just a guess

  4. lifer says:

    Good Guess

  5. YOitzJDM says:

    Discount Tire is also a major sponsor of FD… but my guess is that ID Agency did the creative, and I think they do agency work for NOS Energy drink too so they hustled 2 clients not just 1

  6. James says:

    I think there racist against Dai.

  7. hollywood says:

    sick son !!

  8. Chris and I’s birthday is on the 6th. FD Birthday party?