Dave Briggs Nissan 350z Testing

Posted on Mar 9, 2012 In Dave Briggs International Video

Check out Dave Briggs showing off his complete ASD built 350z that virtually will replace the retired 350z chassis of Tyler McQuarrie in drifting. It looks like this NASCAR powered chassis is ready to run where ever Dave brings the car. We cannot wait to see him in action for 2012.


  1. Mike Peters says:

    Wait, are you saying this isn’t Tyler’s old car?

  2. Slider S15 says:

    Doent appear to be Tyler’s old car, from pictures it’s lacking the rear mount radiator setup Tyler had.

    I think Briggs could be a Dark Horse for Rookie of The Year this season. With all eyes on Saito I think Briggs and his talents could sneak it under everyone noses.

  3. Casey says:

    ASD? Im 100% sure this car was built at Hot Line Performance here in California by Justin Pawlak.

  4. g says:

    what casey said. hell, it even appears in that awesome movie that took place in justin’s shop “200 mph”

  5. Briggs says:

    The car was built by HotLine. ASD supplied most of the parts.

    Here’s a video where you can see the outside of the car. Hopefully we’ll have a chance to have those doors painted before round 1!


  6. cody says:

    It looks like the car is squatting so hard its actually picking the front outside wheel up off the ground. Is that actually happening? Digging that color too btw.

  7. lifer says:

    @Slider S15

    Very possible, but he did just get to start testing in this car just recently. New chassis for a driver in competition has not had a good track record, BUT I’m not saying its impossible. For all we know Dave could get the car down just in time during practice and place well in the comp.

    @ g

    I was gonna go into a whole rant, but I’ll keep it simple. Mike Essa and Justin Pawlak did stunt driving for this movie.

    “200 MPH”

    Now on Netflix instant access.
    Get drunk and prepare to laugh your ass off.
    Also read the reviews of it on Netflex too.

  8. Mike Peters says:

    We couldn’t make it to the end of 200mph.

    F&F was and still is funny because they were absolutely clueless. 200mph seemed like someone was trying to tell them stupid stuff to say that was just so off it just ended up terrible.

    And yes, this conversation should be less about the original topic, and more about 200mph.

  9. Car looks like it has a lot of power. Kind of has the rain drifting effect…

    Hope he can get it together in this car because it looks really cool. Love the candy red/

  10. lifer says:

    @ Mike

    HA! I couldn’t stomach it either! in the beginning, the guy was racing a 370Z(poorly) and then somehow lost control drifting 20mph, CGI in a very obvious 350Z flipping into a pole at high speed, then you never see the 370Z again. Just a POV view of the driver looking out the window all dazed at the poor acting of the characters trying to pretend they care about his well being. I ended up fast forwarding through parts of the film cause I was in so much disbelief that A- this film got made, B- how or why Pawlak and Essa wanted to be apart of this. I watched it again with some friends and a lot of beer. It was much more entertaining shit talking/laughing about the film while it was going with friends. Great drinking game movie too!

    F&F is a classic. I still remember thinking how awesome that movie was when I saw it in the theaters watching the 2 minute 1/4 mile drag race with warp NOS speeds. MONICAAA!!

    Sorry its off topic, but I feel others should try to enjoy “200MPH” the same way we did.

  11. Applesauce says:

    I remember my first beer with friends

  12. YOitzJDM says:

    Is there a betting pool as to whether this car will emerge from Long Beach unscathed? If so, I got $5 on the ‘no’

    As much as people are kinda talking about Daigo, I don’t faith in that team to give him the support he needs. I think Briggs / George from AZ / Corey from AZ / Chelsea D / Miro are much more likely to keep their cars together in 1 piece thru the season and chase a rookie-of-the-year crown than Daigo.

    Then again, I also thought Lonberger could qualify consistently…. that was a pretty crappy prediction

  13. lifer says:

    Based on both videos, they still need to work out some small alignment issues, but this was tesing and he did keep it together very well. My money is on George M. for the Rookie of the year. I really don’t think Daigo should be qualified as a “Rookie”.

  14. Glad to see some hype around George. He’s been a staple of AZ drifting for a long time.

  15. SteveO says:

    Formula D in 2012 is going to be awesome.

  16. lifer says:

    George M is a good guy on and off the track, and not just for show. Yes he has done a lot for AZ drifting, but I’m glad he is more focused on his own career now.

  17. They says:

    @ Yoitz-
    Hey man, were professionals here so…. we have to get much more specific than that if we are laying down bets.
    I’ll lay down 5$ on: front end bites up in corner one and plows the front left corner into the tire wall, speed was not very high so car damage is only front bumper, L fender, L head light and hood, no mechanical damage. During practice. Following.

    So who’s going to be in charge of making the ‘Fantasy drift crash pool’ website?

  18. superstitious says:

    youitzjdm thought lolberger was going to do good so now we know everything he ever says is stupid and probably wrong.

  19. J240 says:

    @Mike, I will never take movie suggestions from you ever again LOL. THAT SHIT WAS HILARIOUS. This dude pulls up in this 370z on XD9s and he’s like “YO DUDE! HOW’D YOU GET THIS? IZTS LIKE A $80000 CAR? 0-60 IN 3.5 SECONDS, 1/4 MILE IN 11.5 SECONDS, AND 193 MPH OUT OF THE BOX, YO THIS IS MAD JDM TYTE!” I didn’t want to watch the rest of the movie after that, but I did anyway. Bad choice.

  20. lex says:

    i liked the cars in 200mph. but on topic, i like briggz car, cant wait to see it with livery and ready for battle.

  21. Mike Peters says:

    J240, if we had also stopped watching the movie there it would have been GREAT.

    I wouldn’t take my own movie advice either though. One time I rented out an entire private theatre to show the movie “Rubber”.

  22. blaze1 says:

    I second that daigo prediction. I see him either raping everyone for a 1st or 2nd place championship rank. Or being plagued with mechanical issues and or the car crumpled.

  23. lifer says:

    Telekinetic Homicidal Tires….

  24. Mike Peters says:

    Tricycles in Los Angeles

  25. DA Fan 11 says:

    Woah you guys really don’t believe this is a Hot Line Perofrmance build right?

    It is clear they got shipped a bucket of parts and bolted it all to a 350z that they caged. I heard the dude Ryan who did all that welding work anyway has left…. So basically Justin wants credit for taking an ASD Mob drivers car and bolting on all the parts ASD makes for a Z. Briggs should of just bought the old Falken ASD Z. We can call that a Hotline car since Justin drove it once as well.

  26. Danny George says:

    Looks Heavy with overkill power.

    That ebrake location and angle looks unnaturally placed.

  27. peoplekicker says:

    Shannonville can be driven by some drivers with basically no e-brake use at all, somebody needs to rip that e-brake out and tell him to try again. and with a lot less bobbles. rookie of the year? dunno about that, but should be an interesting season nonetheless. money buys power, but it certainly doesn’t buy skill.

  28. lifer says:


  29. g- says:

    @Lifer, I never said the car was driving in the movie. It’s sitting in the shop being built while it was filmed.

    And yes, the film was so poorly done you can actually see Justin driving it. ESP in the first scene where he E-brakes bk to the starting line.

  30. CBENZGO says:

    @ DA Fan 11

    You’re right, there is no skill in assembling a car… Nobody cares what you heard, because its wrong. Briggs bought the parts, but somebody had to put it together, correctly. Hotline took care of business, Briggs says that himself.

    Car is pretty awesome with that Dodge motor, and the paint is killer too.

  31. g- says:

    My money is on Chelsea for ROTY

  32. lifer says:

    @ g

    Misunderstanding in what I wrote to you. I wasn’t denying your claim. I really didn’t notice if that car cause I was too drunk and laughing my ass off with my friends at the movie. I was just ready to type a whole story on how amazingly terrible that movies was and stopped myself that’s all. Then Mike got me going and that’s that. No worries.

  33. rotarypower says:

    Niiiice 🙂

  34. at peoplekicker

    driving a 350z set up like this is waayyyyy different than a s chassis. it will take a few more test days, then Dave will be back to his aggressive driving style.

    this is the first time driving the car. If you have ever drifted before you will know you never fully push it the first testing day. Especially with a car you don’t know..