Introducing The Falken Tire Cup for Formula Drift 2012

The Falken Tire Cup was established to give Formula D privateer drivers and teams an opportunity to earn significant contingency funds by awarding $5,000 to the highest finishing driver participating in the program.

“Falken Tire has been a proud supporter of Formula Drift since its inception, and our Azenis RT615k tire is an important part of our back-to-back championships,” noted Jonathon Bradford, Team Falken’s Drift Supervisor. “Privateer teams are the backbone of our sport and Falken Tire is fortunate to be in a position where our brand can reward their success in such a competitive series.”

Participants in the Falken Tire Cup will also be able to take advantage of a special Falken Tire discount purchase program. Additional requirements for involvement in the Falken Tire Cup include:

  • To be eligible for the Falken Tire Cup, drivers will be required to run Falken Tires on all four positions of their vehicle at all Formula D events. The minimum signage requirements include a one 20-inch Falken Tire decal on the front bumper or hood position as well as at least one 24-inch decal on both sides of the vehicle. Falken Tire Cup drivers must also wear a Falken Tire patch (or embroidery) on their driver suit as well as a Falken Tire banner in their team’s pit space.
  • Teams must participate in at least four rounds of the 2012 Formula D championship series.

Round 1 of the 2012 Formula Drift Championship begins on the streets of Long Beach as teams will again compete on the Long Beach Grand Prix course, April 6-7.

For more information on the Falken Tire Cup, or to register, drivers and teams should contact:

Casey Crittenden

I first got into drifting around 2006 after finding videos on YouTube. I ended up attending my first drift event in 2007 at Sonoma Raceway and was hooked. Wrecked Magazine offered me a job here in 2010 and since have been a freelance writer, and striving towards my own drift career.


  1. YOitzJDM says:

    Will the tires that a privateer buys get the special ‘tire balancing fluid’ added to them trackside? Or is that part of a different program

  2. Hmmm! says:

    Did ASD just get called out in public for their cheater tires? About time!

    Whatever came of Tyler McQuarrie getting his car impounded at Seattle?

  3. lifer says:

    If thats the case, is there a way of finding out if there is “tire balancing fluid” in their tires? During the Tech inspection or weigh in of the top 3 after the round is over? This is the first I have heard of this.

  4. YOitzJDM says:

    it would likely be excreted thru the tires (or possibly evaporated) by the time runs are done

  5. Air isn’t excreted through the tire carcass what makes you think a liquid will? Is it something you read ON THE INTERNET?

    Anyway, what Falken is doing is super awesome and no other company is doing this so why the hate? Everyone on here is always about the privateers so when a major company steps in and supports privateers you get all bunched up and complain. Does not compute.

  6. DUBteez says:

    this is the first i’ve heard of any “tire balancing liquid” claim. anybody wanna fill me in on this?

  7. DUBteez says:

    anways goood for falken for supporting the privateers. Everybody always wants cheaper tires and 3 stickers is an awesome way to get a discount on good tires.

  8. Old ASD Employee says:

    I know what is going on at ASD and they cheated all the time Good looking stopping them. Read up below

  9. Pat says says:

    I can defunately see how using fluid would give you an advantage. Maybe that’s how they make all that smoke is by leaking water out the tires as they drift

  10. Mike Peters says:


    Teams have been soaking tires in VHT or electrolytes for a long time.

    It’s what plants crave.

  11. WhistleBlower says:

    Hey Mike Peters

    adding VHT compound is fine and dandy if it’s legal, but it’s not in FD.

    According to the 2011 rule book:

    9.4.2 The use of traction compounds or any other substance that may alter the physical properties of the tire are prohibited.

  12. Johnny says:

    falken comes up with a good deal for up and coming drivers that no other tire company is doing.
    ASD personally supports over 20 pro-am drivers in the USA and also some pro-am series.

    and all you retards respond is that they are cheating with some magic liquid?

    yoitsjdm is a retard. so is anyone else that buys into this crap.

    way to go guys. keep kicking the people who support drifting in the nuts.

  13. hollywood says:

    mike can i high five your face palm lol…

    side note simple green dose the same thing, been doing it with carting tires for as long as i can remember. shit works just wear out faster….

    tire balancing fluid ?? wouldnt that just be the same as actually balancing the wheel and tire ? dont know what it is so going off the name..

    falken is coo they hook it up with a great tire for a good price and they let us use there tire machines cuz were poor and dont have one..

    go falken

  14. Danny George says:

    Who knows what the real deal is. Until the checking of rules turns into a crazy strict system there will always be people/teams looking for an edge. It is just the nature of motorsport. Once FD starts testing/checking certain aspects the perpetrators will be ahead, thinking of the next edge.

    All I do know is Falken is rad for this help to us privateers where any money is crucial to make a successful program or not. Props to them for stepping up and making this possible.

    Im heading to the store for simple green. I wanna make sure there is no grease on my tires

  15. JacobPhoto says:

    Good for Falken!!

    I remember Maxxis offered a program like this back in 2007 or 2008, some people made some big bucks off of the contingency.

    Link to the 2007 program (I think they had an FD program that was similar) –

    I’d be curious about the pricing of the tires in this program. Looks like the 265 and 275 width 18’s are $300 per tire normally, if the discount is only 10% or 20%, it might be hard to afford enough tires to get to the end of the season to claim the prize.

  16. Mike Peters says:

    Rad program for sure, I was just pointing out what people across all kinds of motorsports normally do so the people making audacious claims of “Tire balancing fluid” could at least sound like they might know what they’re talking about.

    Soaking tires has some serious trade-offs in lifespan, I don’t think it’d work well for drifting.

    Rad program by Falken though, didn’t wanna detract from that.

  17. Vaughn says:

    You guys crack me up!

    The Yojdm guy is just joking around, does anyone really think he is serious? I cant imagine he does…..

    I am so pumped for the drivers that will be a part of this program, I am looking forward to see the smile on the winners face!

    See you all soon!!

  18. YOitzJDM says:

    I could be completely off my rocker… or I could have some insider information. I’ve long suspected that Falken was cheating, but I recently was told about some tricks that circle track guys have been busted for in the past that would fall in line with the way ASD does some things. The Falken 615K may be a badass tire…. but IF there was some cheating, bringing out a new tire would be an easy way to mask it.

    Falken has spent big money on drifting, but a lot of teams also feel that the results in the last 2 years are above and beyond what could be done with the resources and rubber at hand. 10 of 14 event wins over the past 2 years have been on Falken tires, and only 2 of 14 events in the previous 2 years. Something distinctly changed…

  19. YOitzJDM says:

    See Ryan Clemens post here:

    Falken – 11 podiums; 5 1st, 4 2nd, 2 3rd
    Hankook- 5 podiums; 2 1st, 3 3rd
    Maxxis- 3 podiums; 2 2nd, 1 3rd
    BFG – 1 podium; 3rd
    TOYO- 1 podium; 2nd

    Let’s compare for 2011 season:
    Falken – 5 wins, 12 podiums
    Hankook – 2 wins, 6 podiums
    Nitto – 2 podiums (matt Powers)
    Cooper – 1 podium (Yoshioka)

  20. lifer says:

    Old tricks in a new game. I never heard of it being called “tire balancing fluid” that so it threw me off. I’ve seen this done at the strip and circle track many times, and was talked about often in my UTechIns days. I have thought about it in drifting, but Whistle Blower is quoting the Rule Book correctly so it would be illegal for sure. Does XDC not allow this either? I think it should ever be allowed personally. I wonder if Kevin Wells has put this matter to thought.


    Falken is stepping up to assist Privateers and that should always be applauded.

  21. CBENZGO says:

    Gotta appreciate the ignorance when it’s blatant. Before 2010, Falken had the 615, which was a big greaseball of a tire. In 2010, they released the 615K, which signified a compound change in the tire. Same design, different rubber.

    So please educate yourself before creating these cheating theories.

  22. YOitzJDM says:

    Most of the guys in that thread mention that tire softeners can be found via durometer testing. Funny that the durometer testing was phased out of Formula D JUST before the 615K was released…

  23. Jbrad says:

    Glad you guys like the program. I’m excited for everyone that is going to take part of it. There is more incentives coming down the pipeline for the program that we will announce soon.

    As for the tire stuff its a discredit to my drivers and engineers to just blame our tires. In any form of motorsport, it takes a solid season or two for the engineers and drivers to really get the car dialed in. Once you get the data an adjust for rule changes (skinnier tires vs. adding weight) you eventually get things sorted out. Anyone is more than welcome to come watch us mount tires at long beach if that’s your deal.

    Yoitzjdm- wouldn’t that be common knowledge working at an automotive magazine?

    Can’t wait for the season to start!

  24. Jbrad says:

    I’m excited for this thing to kick off as we have a few more incentives for people taking part of the program.

    As for the tires deal, we have a great product at our disposal but it’s only one piece to a larger puzzle. Anything more would be a discredit to our engineers and drivers. Being that it takes a solid year or two to dial in a new car mixed with rule changes(skinnier tires vs. adding weight etc.). Anyone is more than welcome to come an observe our tire changing in long beach if that’s your thing.

    Youitzjdm: this is pretty common knowledge for someone working at an automotive magazine am I right?

    Looking forward to long beach it’s going to be an amazing year!

  25. Vaughn says:


    Your “insider information” is whack. If you had a personal relationship with the passionate companies you are accusing of cheating you would seriously feel ashamed as your allegations are blasphemy and couldn’t be anything further from the truth.

    Go ahead and order a set of my sized tires from a Falken retailer (295/40/18) and I will trade you out a set that are on my car at ANY FD event without any issue.

    Here is the truth. Falken’s RT-615k’s are incredible, ASD knows how to make chassis’s work and the drivers on the team aren’t to bad either…. that’s the answer to all the speculation around our success. Deal with it.

    With success comes guys like you, please stay around your a funny one!

  26. Brad Heyl says:

    It’s too bad when a team puts their full time, passion, attention, and years of racing experience into these cars day after day and people start to make allegations.

    Staying on topic, this will be my second year in communication with the Falken and ASD team and their service is the best! They love to get updates from us ‘small guys’ and their constant encouragement leads me to believe these people aren’t just in it for the money.

    I’m thankful to Falken that they have not only chosen to continue to invest in their current drivers, but are reaching out to new drivers as well. It’s apparent Falken has made it a goal of theirs to fuel the competition and the growth of the sport.

  27. Mike Peters says:

    JR is my hero.

    Btw, If ASD is cheatertown USA with your conspiracy theory…why did the only tier 1 NON-ASD team win the Championship this year?

    Yokohama won EVERY SINGLE Formula Drift event for over two years straight, were they cheating?

    Seriously though, c’mon guys. Use your critical thinking skills!

  28. Jeremy says:

    ASD uses illegal muffler bearings.

  29. Richard Cranium says:

    @ Jeremy

    incorrect, muffler bearings are OPEN as long as they are no more then 2″ from stock location.

  30. lifer says:

    It is great to see pro and experienced drifters commenting on here. Sorry that its to defend ASD and Falken like this, but It is undeniable that ASD has but some really unique modifications into your ASD Mustang (especially the rear axels). With those mods mostly being top secret, its understandable not to comprehend how or why ASD or Falken related cars perform so well. Excellent tires with a Hellafunctional Chassis is a sure win in my book. Honestly I think the whole top 32 should reach that level of ingenuity on their competition cars. That day will come I’m sure. Cheating allegations will never stop, but it is interesting to debate it with input from the Pro Drivers POV.

  31. Danny George says:

    If you think they are cheating from the race results since they changed to the 615k’s you never drove on both tires. Absolutely the reason for the instant jump in results. New tires are worlds difference.

    The last couple years the chassis engineering has got immensly better from everyone and ASD is one of if not the best in the business too. All the Falken cars are sorted and they have killer drivers. Plus having feedback from
    Numerous cars and a budget to really test what works they can produce results.

  32. No more rules in drifting? Bring on the Can-AM era…