Jeff Jones At Willow Springs with Odi Bakchis in Pursuit [VIDEO]

Formula Drift drivers Jeff Jones and 2011 Rookie of the Year Odi Bakchis were at the Just Drift event this weekend having a blast with some tandem video competition. The video is led by Jeff Jones in his CX Racing 240sx and shot by Larry Chen. This is a great video piece that should be getting you excited for the 2012 Formula Drift season at Streets of Long Beach.



  1. Glumminator says:

    Im more exited aboute the upcomming 2012 season…

  2. ForzaDriftSociety says:

    2011 was so last year… yeh that works here

  3. Mike Peters says:

    Rad little video!

  4. This is a good example of the whole turbo vs V8 deal. You can hear Odi just pedaling the car from 80-100% throttle, while Jeff is flat and controlling wheel speed with the clutch.

    V8 is awesome for sure, but I love slipping clutch and having to concentrate on my powerband.

    Awesome video guys! Hopefully I can make it out to that track at some point this year. Seems like the paparazzi hang out lol.

  5. Shawn says:

    Jeff is the people’s Champ!!!!

  6. clutch_kicker says:

    Looking forward to seeing so many drifters other than the top guys get better so FD can be more competitive.

  7. lifer says:

    Awesome! Love the dashboard.

  8. lifer says:

    @Chelsea DeNofa
    Do you think the final drive has a lot to do with what your talking about? Whats your suggestion on optional final drive+differential setup for a V8 S14 and an I4T S14? I really would appreciate sincere inputs on this.

  9. lifer says:

    hmm…either he doesn’t know? or its some “big secret” 😎