Is Gardella Racing Returning to Formula Drift in 2012? [RUMORMILL]

Some huge questions have been surrounding the Gardella Racing program and if it will be at Formula Drift for 2012. With just over a month until Formula Drift Streets of Long Beach it seems like this team might not be attending the season opener or the 2012 season at all. Gary Gardella was reached out to by us and we have received nothing back from him.

Here is what we know in a quick little paragraph. For starters Nitto Tire just shot out a press release listing all the teams they are partnering with in 2012 and Gardella Racing wasn’t on the list. They don’t seemingly have a driver signed for the new year. We rumormilled about a partnership with Tyler McQuarrie and Gardella Racing as early as last October but we have confirmed that Tyler hasn’t signed a driver contract to date.

We have been told through other people (so completely hearsay) that Redbull Energy Drink walked away from the program at the end of 2011. The other big sponsor of the program Mobil 1 cannot confirm either way or tell me anything about the program. All in all it sounds like the team has had some big changes and struggles this off-season. Regardless of what the reality is we hope the team will show up in 2012 and perform well with a top driver.


  1. petite pounder says:

    what is gardella gonna do if they arent in FD? sport compact drag racing? i thought that died in the early 2000’s?

  2. cody says:

    I Guess EOS won’t have a ride then.

  3. DriftFree says:

    I blame rhys for the redbull crap hes always greedy

  4. cody says:

    Maybe red bull leaving has more to do with Tuerck leaving. He was the one who was named the Red Bull athlete.

  5. Mike Peters says:

    Black wheels killed a Jet Dryer

  6. hollywood says:

    tyler mc quary i hate to say it but thats who i think will be in that seat come april.

    gardella has invested way to much to pull out now.

    lets get back on track with the tire companys getting into fd this makes more excitement in my eyes!

  7. Buckey Laing says:

    real life lolz @ mike peters
    what were we talking about again?

  8. Wrecked Magazine says:

    @Hollywood Just a heads up that T Mac was spoken to and he is waiting around to get his driver contract signed so he can go racing…

    We rumormilled about a partnership with Tyler McQuarrie and Gardella Racing as early as last October but we have confirmed that Tyler hasn’t signed a driver contract to date.

  9. hollywood says:

    thats why i said i think but thanks for the follow up wrecked lol…..

    @ buckey hows that camber correction we did holding up lol….

  10. cody says:

    On motoiq Tyler said he had a big announcement coming soon about drifting.

  11. Matt says:

    What about eos he defo needs a seat he is a serious pilot eos for fd2012 give him tuerck old ride

  12. sidekick says:

    I might be missing something, but where is it CONFIRMED that Tuerck isn’t driving the Camaro? I’d put $100 on Gardella being present in FD next year.

  13. YOitzJDM says:

    people in the know will tell you that Tuerck was known to not be driving for Gardella in 2012 as midway thru last season.

  14. Cody says:

    The fact Tuerck is in the new Chevy Corvette commercial may say something.

  15. gsxr750 says:

    Tuerck made the biggest mistake of his career. I highly doubt that tuerck is still a Red Bull athlete, the only reason he had that was cause of Gary’s relationship with them. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tuerck is in some shit missle car for 2012.

  16. BOBBY says:

    Whatta ya know, Ryan is not listed under athletes. Greed is not always good.

  17. Pike Meters says:

    so what is Tuerck driving next year?

  18. Erik says:

    In the DSport Motorsport guide they have an interview with Tyler in it and it says he is driving the Gardella Camaro this season. The article also says redbull has split with gardella and millen.

  19. Mike Peters says:

    I have a hard time believing Rhysbro was dropped.

  20. Erik says:

    I dont know. I’m just posting what it says from the thing I got with the magazine.