Patrick Mordaunt Set to Drive APEX’i Lexus SC430 for Formula Drift 2012 [RUMORMILL]

The rumormill in the drift industry is buzzing about Patrick Mordaunt stepping into the APEX’i Lexus SC430 for the 2012 season. Earlier this year some people mentioned hearing about Walker Wilkerson stepping into this ride for the season but nothing has surfaced recently about him hopping into the car.

Now in recent weeks several people have mentioned Patrick hopping into this car although he has a prepped S14 and 350z in his possession that could run the series. This build would bring the first opportunity to Patrick Mordaunt to drive a V8 in the Formula Drift series. How do you think he can handle his first go around with a V8 assuming the rumors are true?


  1. sam says:

    mordaunt with any car can’t do a good result

  2. J240 says:

    Pat has a huge amount of talent. His problem is he doesn’t seem to know how to put all of his resources together to churn out a good result. However if he is put in the right car, at the right time, in the right circumstance he could definitely podium. In past years luck just wasn’t on Pat’s side, I have a good feeling that if he were put on a good team in a good car, he could do very well. This could be a great thing for both Pat, and whoever plans on sponsoring him, because this is just the type of thing he needs. A good car, and a good team to back him up.

  3. cody says:

    I agree. I see a lot of potential in Pat, it just seems like the deck is stacked against him sometimes or luck isn’t on his side.

  4. Danny George says:

    Wouldn’t his 350z be a better platform to use over this, that has been proven uncompetetive? Don’t know how he liked the 350 from a drivers standpoint and its current state but seems a downgrade into the lexus. Money/sponsors would make most reconsider those things though. Hope the luck switches cuz he can drive, just doesnt get the chances to showcase that with the mishaps. Good luck to him for 2012.

  5. cody says:

    It may boil down to the decision “drive my car that I am responsible for upkeep, transportation, etc” or “show up and drive for somebody else.”

  6. casey says:

    I think he’d be better off in the Z with Apexi’s help. Plus… This cars engine just sounds like a lawn mower.

  7. Thomas says:

    I don’t think he is driving for Apexi or even getting paid by them….I think it’s more of a paid rental. I don’t think it will change his “luck” at all.

  8. hollywood says:

    motor needs cams itbs and headers to start, car is sexy ill give it that and patty cakes can drive when he is on. hope this is true cuz it would be a good op for him plus i think the car could be fast after ten grand and over night parts from japan! buahahaha

  9. DUBteez says:

    idk about that z. car seemed plagued last year. blew a few motors and then crashed out in monroe. maybe a fresh platform would be a game changer for him. seems like a cool guy hopefully everything works out

  10. ShitBuiltLexus says:

    Why even bother with this car it was built like crap in the first place never could have a decent result…just burn this damn car to the ground

  11. Congratulations to Pat and the Apex Drift Team. They will do just fine this season.

  12. Joe Vick says:

    “shitBuiltLexus” is just a hater. Use your real name and don’t be a coward. More like Shit talker! Go Pat!

  13. Shawn says:

    Good Luck to Pat this year he has the talent and experience!!

  14. racecarpro says:

    ShitBuiltLexus – You should build a drift car since your an expert.

  15. tung says:

    Car does sound pretty awful

  16. Erich Hagen says:

    Sound is easy to fix. It sounded like it was just straight pipe which really only sounds good on some v8s. This car wasnt too impressive when it firs t came out but that was the 2010 season i believe and a lot of time has passed since then. I highly doubt its still the exact same as it was then. Atleast its known what may need improvement and im sure pat will handle it! Good luck pat!

  17. ShitBuiltLexus says:


  18. rotarypower says:

    Damn he hasn’t even hit the push start button on the car yet no faith from some of you guys.I hope he does well

  19. ShitBuiltLexus says:

    The start button will probably fall off, if pat does get into this car i wish him good luck i really do maybe after all this time they have got the car sorted but i doubt it

  20. Mike Peters says:

    Sex drive.

    Push start.

  21. Luke Lonberger says:

    Pat will do just fine this season in whichever car he is driving. Glad to hear the Apex’i team is back in Formula D.

  22. g says:

    Hey, Sex Drive is a hilarious movie btw.

    oh and WHEN WILL NICK HOGAN DRIVE AGAIN?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  23. Rampage Jackson says:

    I thought this kid was a lesbian. Its a dude?

  24. cody says:

    I think he was making a Dev reference with push start sex drive.

  25. Mike Peters says:

    Are you guys really trying to make logic of one of my posts?

    If so , I have failed.

  26. Mickey says:

    Pretty sure this car has a 2UR V8 in it now from a Lexus IS-F for 2012. Good luck to Pat and crew.