Zoltan Hajdu’s 2012 Formula Drift V8 S14 [SNAPSHOTS]

The Florida drifter Zoltan Hajdu is no stranger to anyone in the know focused around the southeast drift scene. Way back when he drove a black beat up BMW and now he has this Stage 6 Nissan 240sx. Zoltan will be a rookie this year in Formula Drift with this all out turbo LS2 machine. He shouldn’t lack power at the big tracks like Las Vegas and Seattle but interesting to see how this setup fares at some other events. What do you think of the car? Full build sheet if you click read more below.

Source:Β http://drift5150.com/?p=249


LS2 6.0 liter V8
Costume Stage 6 Motorsports Twin Turbo Kit Custom Dual 3” SS Exhaust System – by Stage 6 Motorsports Complete ARP Engine Hardware
ISIS Intercooler
ISIS 3876 turbos
Tial Bov
Ferrea Valve Springs
Ferrea Retainers
Ferrea Seat locators and locks
Griffin Radiator
Wiseco Pistons
Eagle Rods
Cometic Head gaskets
Aluminum Fuel Cell
Two Walbro Fuel Pumps
80lb Siemens Injectors

Stack gauge cluster
Costume wiring harness Auto meter Boost Gauge
G Force GSR 4 Speed Dogbox Transmission One Piece Drive Shaft Shop Aluminum Drive shaft
Quarter Master triple plate clutch
Quarter Master 7.25 flywheel Kaaz 2 Way LSD

Tein Superdrift Coilovers Tein Traction Rods Tein Tie Rods
SPL Tie Rod ends
SPL Solid Subframe Bushings Megan Racing RUCA Megan Racing Toe Arms Megan Racing Traction Arms Cusco Strut Tower Bar

Brembo Drilled/Slotted Rotors300zx 30mm 4 Piston Calipers Hawk Blue Racing Brake Pads Wilwood pedal assembly
Wilwood manual master cylinders

S&W Enjuku Racing 10 point roll cage Sparco Pro2000 seats Sparco 5 Point 3” Harness Sparco Steering Wheel
10lb Firecharger Fire Safety System


  1. woah says:

    maximum ride height gooooooooooooo!!

  2. Marty says:

    Sweet! He’s got 2 months to make his exhaust legal.

  3. rotarypower says:

    I usually roll my eyes when I hear another ls powered car but its boosted so I like.sick build can’t wait to see it in action πŸ™‚

  4. adam k says:

    im all about function, but DAMN! at least try to make it look half decent!

  5. Nismo says:

    Adam what dosnt look good? Click the link this car is clean as anything out there. Someone needs to step up to support a privateer!

  6. ski says:

    The stupid two tone, the red marbleized paint, flairs, horrible wheels, looks like a monster truck ride height, ect. And I doubt he is going to be rookie of the year

  7. lifer says:

    Hellafunctional > Hellaflush in the proam and even the FD privateer rookie level, BUT haters will hate. Drift Science FTW!

  8. Dooby doo says:

    V8 is killing this sport in America!!
    Damn teams with money and resources are destroying this sport from the getco.
    If falken guys like JR and hubinette driving vipers and crazy v8 cars, it puts pressure on the rookies and private guys to do swaps like this to compete. V8 into Japanese cars… It’s stupid. Why not have a built SRs and JZs like the guys in Japan. The D1 guys r still far better than most of the FD guys here in the states. Even some of the guys compete in street legal and MSC events out there still better…

  9. Dooby doo says:

    Perfect examples are sato and Robbie competing with built 2Js in their SC300s… They didn’t take the easy way out by dropping in v8s in their cars and call it a day. They went with wat actually belong under the hood. Not some LS swap and now turbo charged cause just having a v8 under the hood is not enough… Wats next?? Ferrari or Lamborghini v12 swaps??

  10. lifer says:

    Dooby Doo. I understand where your coming from, but he bottom line is longevity and power for the dollar. Not every driver has discounted access to build those engines or have someone else do it for them in the rookie/proam level. Some get lucky true, but don’t hate on those who are making it work with what they got.

  11. sidekick says:

    How many Japanese drivers can you mention that have had a podium in the last 2 years (since the cars in FD REALLY stepped up their game with actual suspension setup rather than just slamming it) in a none v8 car. It’s slim pickings. I’m sorry, but it is not AS competitive as a v8 (not to say it isn’t competitive at all). End of story. If you have any appreciation of science / physics, this is extremely logical.

    The guys in Japan are also competing against each with similar engine/suspension set-up levels, so you can’t compare them in different cars. The days where you can rock up in a stock S13 and beat D-mac’s Saturn Sky are long gone. I love turbo 4/6 bangers as much as the next guy but when it comes to competing the v8 is the way forward, especially in NA – in the same way that slamming a car no longer works. They also have different judging criteria over there, and different track styles. You just can’t compare the two.

    I can see there being a bit too much weight upfront with this set-up, but cool beans for going all out! However, I agree with the above the styling on this car is pretty bad! I’d like to know how much suspension work/chassis work has been done, as that’s also obviously a vital component to success. Also, it’s quite nice to finally see some of the new 2012 cars – this off season is pretty damn boring news wise.

    Finally, the only thing ruining “American drifting” is the haters who INSIST on complaining about something that will NEVER change. If you hate it so much, watch D1, BDC, EDC, IDS, JDM allstars, XDC, DMCC or any of the other hundreds of drift series worldwide.

    /Rant. Peace!

  12. sidekick says:

    Oh yeah, Dooby Doo, you might be interested in this:


    “Manabu Orido’s new Toyota 86 D1 car. But wait…that’s no boxer in there!! That’s a 2UR-GSE 5L V8 out of a Lexus ISF! This is going to be very interesting…” – Speedhunters

    It begins!

  13. Danny George says:

    Crazy build. Seems overkill really. But if he can do it, and he likes it who am I to sAy. I would think it adds complexity to the system and alot more possible problems. That said bet it’s going to sound badass and lay smoke like a train. Still think grip>power all day.

    People still hating on v8s is rediculous. A 1 or 2J though is all ok. Please guys can we get a list of car/motor combo’s that is ok. All about resources. Some people want proper geometry as well. Of course all the comments about it are people who arn’t competing at the FD level. Be a hero, get your license, bring said slammed non v8 car and show everyone how it’s done.

    I need all the haters I can get so I’ll be doing things with a LS and 4×4 height. Just mention my name in there somewhere!

  14. Casey Crittenden says:

    Orido’s got a GT86 with a v8 from a Lexus ISF… What now.

  15. SteveO says:

    V8’s are cool

    The car isn’t “stanced” like all of the fanbois.

    And Zoltan is a rad dude, just hope he’ll have enough spark plug wires for the season.

  16. Mike Peters says:

    Real drift fans should be familiar with this guy,
    He’s been around pro-am caliber events forever always rocking insane motor setups.

    Crazy SR, crazy RB and now crazy ls, let him rock and roll as he pleases. Overkill is awesome.

  17. DUBteez says:

    people always seem to neglect the thought of hmmmmm japan has a million jz’s and rb’s. Its easy for them to get a hold of and its what they are used too. This is america. jz turbo engines only came to our shores in supras. Rb’s never made it here. what did we get alot of and have a ton of experience with? ls engines. american drifters are using what works best and is easily available. fanbois would rather see people struggle with the jdm method than have fun and put more money towards tires and events.

  18. Mike Peters says:

    “sorry for partying”
    -800 horse LS to the fanboys.

  19. Jelani says:

    im not saying nothing against his engine setup or him as a person cause i dont know him or v8s in drifting becaue that convo has been done to death, the car its self just looks awful, and i pray to go thats not the wheel setup hes running lmao im sure heavy ass 962s have alot of function over fourm and that 17/18 stagger, and the ride height is incorrect anyway you slice it fuction or fourm its too high……just my take but im all for privateer suport and the engine setup is bad ass parts list is legit.

  20. zoltan says:

    Thanks for the support guys!
    I agree about the wheels i had them over 6 years they’re a little out of style and we need to step up to 18″s anyway.
    As far as the disign goes it was done last year so if anybody have any cool idea please shere it I’m open to re paint the car.

  21. lifer says:

    Thats pretty cool of you to ask for submissions on the paintjob. Maybe make a contest out of it and give the winner a diecast S14 with the winners paintjob?

  22. ski says:

    Just paint it a solid color and keep it simple and clean

  23. Marty says:

    Dooby doo I have a SR in my car. Will you suck my dick now?

  24. lifer says:

    Hmm…Ferrari V8 in an S chassis. How epic would that be. I think a 20BT would be awesome too. Both engines would sound amazing mixed with screaming tires sideways echoing off a wall.

  25. Buckey Laing says:

    Zoltan is a rad dude. he was one of the first dudes to help me out at pro-am nationals when we were both competing and i blew out a wheel on the inner bank wall. this car is beast. i’m sure he’s happy just having it together.

    kill it this season bro!

  26. Buckey Laing says:

    lol D.George you stealin’ my line bro?? haha jkjk

    “Be a hero, get your license, bring said slammed non v8 car and show everyone how it’s done. ”

    big turbo cracking wastegate dragging BN! grassroots is bringin’ it back.


  27. Jeff Abbott says:

    It will be fun to watch. That set up reminds me of my 1.8L that will be out there this year.. Serious!!

  28. Chad says:

    Who says Zoltan has a lot of money? Are you kidding me?! This guy is like the rest of us, saving his money, putting his car together himself. He hardly got to compete at all last year. This dude rocks. Him and his dad are two of the nicest guys you will meet at the track. Being a purist fanboy is so 2009.

  29. beto says:

    Wonder how much “reliability” was lost by turboing the LS.

  30. Alex says:

    What Chad said is the truth. I bought my S14 from this guy he’s a real cool dude and a pretty damn good driver.

  31. sean z says:

    zoli i remember that first night you came out to drive in jacksonville. you slid that care into a parking spot between to other cars. your better then anyone on here talking shit. i know you ended up taking the spot light away from travis. keep it up