2012 Formula Drift Rulebook Shows More Changes for Weight/Tire Class

Posted on Feb 2, 2012 In Formula D Major Announcements

It looks like the new 2012 rule book has a shift in tire/weights once again. The last update we reported on is in January 2011 where the smallest tire class was 2000-2099lbs allowing you to run up to a 215mm and 2100-2399 was several weight classes ranging from 225mm to 245mm. The heavier cars ranging in the 3000+ range have the biggest change in tire sizes. Here is the last weight/tire link to compare old sizes to the new ones. It seems like this is going to be a struggle of regulation focus over the next few years with the series before they can find an ideal weight class ruling. What does everyone think of the new changes to this section of the rules?


9.1.1. Cars are limited to the size of the rear tire that can be used, 
depending on the weight of the vehicle.
9.1.2. A car must be track-ready and running when it is weighed and
 registered to a weight class. A car will be weighed WITH the driver
9.1.3. Once the car is registered to a weight class, it will be 
recorded, and issued a class specific sticker that must be displayed 
prominently on the windshield. A car's weight may fluctuate within the 
limits of its weight class, but it can never weigh less than the minimum
weight for its registered class.
9.1.4. Tire sizes are AS MEASURED in mm, across the span of the contact 
patch. Tires will be measured on the rim, while on the car, while the
 car is on the ground.
9.1.5. Tire size must not exceed the maximum size dictated by 
class at any time on track.
9.1.6. Tire size will be measured and verified on track before 
the start of every tandem round. A FORMULA DRIFT official may 
also check tire size at any time during the event.

Weight and Tire Classes-
2100-2399lbs up to 235mm
2400-2699lbs up to 245mm
2700-2799lbs up to 255mm
2800-2899lbs up to 265mm
2900-2999lbs up to 275mm
3000-3099lbs up to 285mm
3100-3199lbs up to 295mm
3200-3299lbs up to 305mm


  1. lifer says:

    Curious if anyone can chime in about how the last season went with the introduction of the tire rule. Throughout the season has anyone been watching to see how this is enforced?

    Did this help out any of the privateers?

    Do FD officials check tire size if a 5 min time out is called to change tires after any “OMT”?

  2. Wrecked Magazine says:

    Someone did point out to us that the rule changed in June 2011 as well. Here is the link for that:


  3. YOitzJDM says:

    weights at the start of the season –

    Weight and Tire Classes-

    2000-2099lbs up to 215mm
    2100-2199lbs up to 225mm
    2200-2299lbs up to 235mm
    2300-2399lbs up to 245mm
    2400-2499lbs up to 255mm
    2500-2599lbs up to 265mm
    2600-2699lbs up to 275mm
    2700-2799lbs up to 285mm
    2800-2899lbs up to 295mm
    2900-2999lbs up to 305mm
    3000-3099lbs up to 315mm
    3100-3199lbs up to 325mm
    3200-3299lbs up to 335mm

    weights after the mid season change:
    Weight and Tire Classes-
    2000-2099lbs up to 195mm
    2100-2199lbs up to 205mm
    2200-2299lbs up to 215mm
    2300-2399lbs up to 225mm
    2400-2499lbs up to 235mm
    2500-2599lbs up to 245mm
    2600-2699lbs up to 255mm
    2700-2799lbs up to 265mm
    2800-2899lbs up to 275mm
    2900-2999lbs up to 285mm
    3000-3099lbs up to 295mm
    3100-3199lbs up to 305mm
    3200-3299lbs up to 315mm

    looks like most of the cars are going to be heavier this year compared to last year

  4. YOitzJDM says:

    I think most cars are running anywhere between a 255 and 275 tire. All 3 of those sizes require 300 lbs more weight now compared to the start of last season and 100lbs more than the end of last season

  5. So what happens if a car weighs 1900 with a driver…

  6. chris licup says:

    Last year before the start of qualifying everyone gets weigh in. They then check your tire size and make sure you are within range of your size.

    I think the new rules are better. It should really balance out the field. Cars with 600+hp and weight less are going to need that extra weight for grip now. While lower HP will be able to stay light and have a better chance of doing well. Either way those numbers look better.

  7. superstitious says:

    only 20 points seperated the top 3 drivers, each driver in a different chassis, all v8s though.

  8. Danny George says:

    Looks like nothing changed for us lightweight cars. Wish I could get another 100 off the car but That can be an ongoing project.

  9. Mick Kenny says:

    the aim here will be for teams now to construct a car as light as possible with the driver then simply add the ballast in areas that suits them to find a good balance of the car for perfect weight distribution / grip and performance.

    you can be quite clever about it such as Chelsea says if his car is 1900 with a driver – then he can add either no weight and stay in a small 205/215 sizing category or add the required weight where he wants to finely tune the balance of the car with the size tire he wants to improve performance. simple.

    clearly having a 1900Ib car with 335 is what is trying to be avoided which makes perfect sense.

  10. lifer says:

    Will the Proam series aroung the USofA incorperate this tire rule?

  11. Brock White says:

    I highly doubt this will be enforced at ProAm. In a lot of ways it would complicate the situation and do nothing but hurt participation in certain markets. Now ProAm at an FD event may be a different story, but I doubt it on a regional level.

  12. hollywood says:

    danny you better be running them 235’s son !!!

  13. thelolbus says:

    Is there still a limit on ballast? I seem to remember last year you could only have 100lbs.

  14. Mike Peters says:

    If enforced at pro am it would cut costs like crazy.

    This also helps make the tire war a bit more even since the availability of 245-275 is very big.

    This should help Achilles Nexen and Kenda a lot as well as Federal.

    Hankook and Falken had an edge due to awesome sizes that seem to be getting phased out.

    Glad This came out when it did 🙂

  15. Danny George says:

    New rules is only 50 of “ballast”. Can still add tube and other stuff where ya want.

  16. Mike Peters says:

    Heavy car is a cheap car, really like what FD is doing here.

  17. Tung says:

    Joey can you do a post on how they measure the tire contact patch?

  18. lifer says:

    If I was running a Proam series thats awarding FD licenses, it would only make sense to keep the rules the same as the Pros. I would educate the drivers on the new rules via meeting or email with open communication through social media. Any serious Proam Driver who wants an FD license would appreciate this kind of effort. I see nothing that would hurt the Proam drivers, but I bet it would help them get used to the way the Pro level is operating. I would see it to be very unfair to any driver who doesnt have to follow the tire rule at the proam level, win and get a FD license, then realize everything he learned about his car and competition will have to change when he gets to his first FD event. If every FD feeder, Proam or not, enforces the tire rule, Proam drivers will be better prepared for Pro FD competition.

  19. Buckey Laing says:

    Lifer hit it pretty solid. Prepping the Pro-Am drivers for this would help immensely.

    That and the acceptance of already licensed FD drivers competing in Pro-Ams is another thing that should have a little light shined upon…

  20. lifer says:

    Thanks for the bump Buckey. That is also a very good point I forgot about too. The sudden appearence of Pro Licenced drivers, still legal or not, in the current season, competing in ANY proam event where points are awarded is irresponsible of the event organizers, and VERY unfair to Proam drivers. It felt like the event directors wanted to advertize bigger driver names to increase attendance. They should be bumping their own proam drivers like mad instead. Bring the interest up in them! Doesn’t matter how they perform or place, just get them noticed! Who is the underdog people will love, with a car built in his home garage, or the new team if drivers showing they can be proffesional even in a proam environment. People will want to see who is the up and coming drivers of all different backrounds so more people can find inspiration on the one they can relate too thus broadening your audience! Some Proam drivers definatly gave a few of the pros a run for their money with their moderatly funded team, and or privateers, but I can that number on one hand. The hundreds of drivers who are just wanting a piece of the action to get some experience, and see how good they can get should never be paired with a current or former FD driver unless you want a Grand Canyon gap embarrasing the chasing proam driver. You want to keep it close and exciting from better matched PROAM drivers, NOT FD drivers!! Discouraging inspired drivers brave enough to make the investment to move into proam should NEVER be discouraged like that. Yes its awesome to drift with any pro driver, but not when its counting against something your striving to win.

    Bottom line. This is not the type of environment for FD cars to compete in. I honestly think its sad to see current and former FD drivers competing in a proam event with cars that rocket away without even trying. I keep thinking of the bully W.O.W. player on South Park picking on the other players, and the rookie boys gang up to take him down.

    If I was a former FD driver, I would want a SUB-PRO series class to piggieback on a proam event where former D1USofA, FD, DMCC, and any other former Pro comp licenced driver can compete. It would be the optimal way to sharpen your skills against drivers closer to, or above your level. Award licenses in the end and return to your pro season of choice with your new skills. Proam drivers can then select to participate in the SUB-PRO class to test themselves against higher skilled drivers at a minimal cost since its a same day event.

    This system will inspire new drivers, plus keep drivers wanting to build and invest in their cars. Keep aftermarket companies busy with orders, and keep events interesting as drivers skills and attendance grows. This all adds up for awesome drift events all across the USofA where you can see pros, former or not, and proam hopfuls, compete in an excellent night of drifting!