Tyler McQuarrie Has No Signed Contract for 2012 [CONFIRMED]

Today a magazine has been reporting that Tyler McQuarrie has a deal signed for 2012 and we have confirmed that is not the case at this current time. To catch you up back in the beginning of October he was left go from Falken Tire at the end of the 2011 season. Then we found out he was in New Jersey visiting Gardella Racing which he has continued to be linked with during this off-season. I have confirmed the two teams are still in talks so the deal is not dead but Tyler McQuarrie’s manager confirmed that nothing has been signed either. That about sums up the report but just wanted to confirm that other media outlets are reporting incorrect information this morning. Good luck to Tyler landing a deal for this new season!



  1. lifer says:

    Hmm…I wonder if Tyler will go the privateer route if the teams he’s talking to won’t give him what he wants. Does anyone know if he owns the Supra he used to compete with?

  2. Will says:

    He deserves a awesome team for next year. One of the hardest working out there.

  3. DUBteez says:

    he seems to be busy with insight racing. maybe he’s looking for a more circuit based career

  4. YOitzJDM says:

    for once, Joey didn’t start the rumors! Well he did, but he stated they were rumors, not fact.


  5. MotorworldHype says:

    Rhys should sign him and put him in one of his “Kah’s”

  6. Irishmattie says:

    Tyler deserves a good team just not millen the dick prob the biggest dick in fd hopefully gardella take him on

  7. Irishmattie says:

    Tyler deserves a good team just not millen the dick prob the biggest dick in fd hopefully gardella take him on

  8. Somebody says:

    Tyler is good and deserves a team that could provide championship car to him. If it is Millen … hell yeah. That Hyundai is champ material.

  9. Shawn says:

    This must be talking about his Direct TV service….people are out of their minds to give Tony Angelo factory backing and not a proven driver with TMac’s credentials.

  10. MotorworldHype says:

    I just thought of something. If no team picks him up for 2012 what are the chances of him taking Tony Angelo’s place as the third judge?

  11. Danny George says:

    No worries it’s still early. He will be in a car i’m sure of it. Least he has options with all the grip options as well for backup.

    Is Gardella running 2 cars? Was the Tuerck leaving Gardella for Millen all just shenanigans? Tyler could do damage with that Sky

  12. Jelani says:

    i doubt hes that determined to be involved in the sport that he would be a judge, like previously stated he also drives for insight racing and many other teams during the year in circut races so im sure if hes not in a drift car he can fill those dates in the seat of something else, and it would be awesome to see him in the genesis

  13. Mick Kenny says:

    Gardella already have EOS to drive the Camero. The Genesis would be a nice move but what happened Tuerck going to RMR?

    Confusion central! Top class guys in rumorville when TA already has a semi decent drive confirmed – alrigghty then!??!

  14. hollywood says:

    who cares honestly the guy isnt a team player which is the going to be the main factor here, in curcit racing if an owner or team manager told him to step down he would with no complaining but in drift he could care less where he falls so he pulls a bitch fit.

    i dont care where this dude ends up in drifting
    its not where his heart lies so he dose not deserve a seat in ANY team. good driver or not.

    tony loves drifting and is a big poster child of drifting as is, thats why scion snatched him up

    rhys is a buisness man first never in the 5 years ive known the guy has he ever been a dick to anyone that did not deserve it.

    but like danny said there is still pleanty of time and pleanty of cars out there to drive (since they cant build there own)

  15. MotorworldHype says:

    Hollywood about 50% of what you said made absolutely no sense. If Tyler did not care about drifting like you suggest then he would not care about being pulls out of his car and thus would NOT have been upset about it.

    Also if he did not care about drifting he would have walked away completely instead of continuing to try and find a seat in Formula Drift.

    And if you think circuit drivers don’t get upset or voice their opinion about being pulled out of their car in favor of another driver then you are naive.

  16. Shawn says:

    At least we get to see the “poster child” understeer and crash into stuff in a car primarily driven on the streets by strippers and pre-pubescent boys.

  17. lol says:

    Funny how none of you have any idea what in the god damn hell you’re talking about.

  18. Danny George says:

    Unfortunetly when you sign to a “team” you are a team. Own and drive your own car and never deal with that. As a team manager your best bet is always give the man with the higher points the better chance with the unforseen issue. I’d think it was far from personal and would of been the opposite had Tmac had more points. I would guess he would still be with Falken had those opinions not of been voiced so loudly. Everyone has their own opinions of what they can or can’t tolerate.

    Now for Tmac to go out qualify and place higher in the event I’m sure was a sweet revenge for him. Plus carry over and kick ass at Irwindale. Shows the mental side of drifting,or was pure coincidence.

    I wish him luck securing a spot for ’12. Probabally won’t be on a numerous car team for it to happen again.

  19. Driftinsider says:

    Would GR please step up and sign this dude! Would undoubtedly ruin people in that camaro, and we all know this! What the hell is Tuerck doing, has to be one of the biggest blunders in FD history if that bonehead goes from one of the best cars on the grid to not driving anything at all! Wheres the rumormill on his intentions wrecked? Im having trouble making sense of this?
    GR has been the ONLY private team to consistently run against Falken for the past 5 yrs! I truly hope they sign Tyler and finally get that championship!

  20. Brooks says:

    Tyler is a amazing driver and I hope he keeps drifting in FormulaD this 2012 season! If not I am sure he will be doing something epic elsewhere.