Chelsea DeNofa Releases 2011 XDC Championship Reel [VIDEO]

Posted on Jan 20, 2012 In Matt Waldin Video Xbox

Chelsea DeNofa won the XDC championship two years in a row (2010-2011) and is now making his way over to Formula Drift in 2012. He just released a 2011 reel video which you can check out by following the link below. He really puts down some great follow runs through these 2011 XDC video and we are hoping he can bring that aggressiveness into Formula Drift for this season. Hopefully his 2012 chassis has more power or on some tracks he will have a hard time keeping up with the rocket ships competition like ASD.



  1. rotarypower says:

    Sweet !!!! News can’t wait to see him rip it up

  2. hollywood says:

    bmw’s in 2012 !!

  3. Alfredo says:

    GO CHELSEA! is Will Parsons also going to FD?

  4. ross w says:

    I have mad respect for Chelsea becasue he’s still way humble with 2 championships already

  5. RapperDan says:

    Hell yeah man, dope video and im glad I was able to bang cars with ya this year! Best of luck in Fd!

  6. Tung says:

    Damn. Some ridiculous follow runs.