Bloodmasters Present Bloodbath Part 1 at Englishtown [VIDEO]


In case you ever tried to convince someone that drifting wasn’t just full of hooligan kids doing random hood-rat shit in the time  between robbing liquor stores and mugging old ladies then please don’t show them this video. All joking aside this Bloodmasters Part 1 video shows off some intense skill and entertainment all focused around Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey. The video features some Formula Drift drivers such as Ryan Tuerck, Chris Forsberg, and Tony Angelo who all seem to be driving “missile” car S13’s as they slam into each other, parts of the track, and about anywhere else you could think of around the race course. My favorite part of the video falls around 3:13 when they have a five car tandem (two cars going one direction on the track and three going the other way) all at the same time. This is shown in screen capture three above. Follow the link after the video to see a full list of credits for the Bloodmasters Bloodbath Part 1 video.

Andrew Laputka

Bloodmasters (Drivers):
Tony Angelo
Steve Angerman
Nick D’Alessio
Mike Edwards
Chris Forsberg
Brian Hoplamazian
Matt Petty
Ryan Tuerck
John Wagner
Brian Wilkerson

Motion Graphics
Andy Sapp

Camera Operators
Chris Boon
Hertrech Eugene
Andrew Laputka
Mark Lenardon
Chris Szczypala
Mike Vogt

Special Thanks:
Mike Napp
Ryan Napp
Elite JDM


  1. hollywood says:

    first. you guys a little late posting this one huh?!! either way epic film and the cris cros drift is insane

  2. Mark says:

    Dont forget to add Brian Casse as another camera bro!

  3. tirekicker says:

    I was kinda surprised that Casse wasn’t in the credits in the video either.

  4. Wrecked Magazine says:

    We just copied the credits from the end of the movie.

    And yes @hollywood we slept in pretty damn late yesterday apparently.

  5. Tony Angelo says:

    Yeah, we totally forgot Casse in the credits, I think we put him in the video description. I’ll buy him a steak and make up for it.

  6. thelolbus says:

    Better be a big steak

  7. tirekicker says:

    And a blowjob

  8. Fo reals, shits going viral…

  9. lifer says:

    Awesome video!

  10. JustAnOutsider says:

    Where’s the blood?????????????

  11. clutch_kicker says:

    Is D’Alessio driving in Formula D this year?

  12. lifer says:

    There’s blood everywhere! You don’t see it!?!

  13. lifer says:

    All they need is the BloodMasters fighting off a hord of zombies with their weapons and cars, having blood rain everywhere. Then this video would be EPIC!

  14. Roido 11 says:

    Watched this and thought it was totally stupid and pointless. Does absolutely nothing in promoting the sport of drifting except send it ten years backwards in the general public eyes.

  15. mattpetty says:

    Thankyou roido, exactly where we tried to put this video in the drifting timeline. Back when shit was fun all about doing rad shit with your brothers . And we had a retarded time filming it. So much fun

  16. lifer says:

    @Rodio 11 You must have never played with your Hot Wheels in the dirt as a kid….So Sad

  17. sam says:

    @ Rodio , damn man! wtf?
    Bloodmasters are bringing it back! bringing back the
    fun, bringing back the gnar, bringing back the blood!!
    if you are scared of it, take shelter!!
    the radness will cut you!!!

  18. Regibus says:

    Clearly you can’t shoot a video like this without careful planning and experience.
    They don’t need the stupid “this is a closed track with pro drivers, don’t try this at home shit ’cause we ain’t stupid.
    I’d kill to be a part of a project like this, what a blast, even just to shoot or clean up the blood after!
    Can’t wait for a part 2 !!!!