Mad Mike Heads to 2012 D1 Grand Prix with Mazda Rx-7

Another car parked at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon this weekend is Mad Mike’s newest creation Drift-N-Ice which is a Redbull Energy Drink x Speedhunters FD Mazda Rx-7. Made Mike released this news on his website this morning and sadly he hasn’t been able to turn a wheel in the car yet! Here is what he has to say about the build and opportunity:

 “For me this is a dream come true, to be given this opportunity to compete in Japan and team alongside Kawato San again is an honor. We paired in 2010 for the Red Bull project ‘Drift-N-Ice’ using Kawato’s 13b turbo powered FD RX7 for the job and I was impressed with the performance and workmanship. For the past few months now we’ve been exchanging emails with the team at Magic Co, they’ve built an amazing car for me and I can’t wait to get some seat time.”


  1. lifer says:

    You know what? This will decimate all, after, you put…oh yeah we did that already.

  2. YOitzJDM says:

    never heard of kawato, and google image search didn’t help eihter (just pulled up pics of the RX7 car when it red bull ice car, but none of the articles even mention his name)

  3. Cody says:

    Wasn’t it rumored a few months ago he was coming back to FD next year?

  4. Mike Peters says:

    Really boring for a MadMike.NZ car

  5. Haniryoku says:


    Taisuke Kawato is head engineer of TCP-Magic, hence Mike referencing ”emails with the team at Magic Co”

    Hope this helps. Hi scar has had alot of input this year from Japan, as well as JIC-Magic not to be confused with.

  6. lifer says:

    BORING!?! pfft whatever.

  7. Blaze1 says:

    So is this the car that Yoshioka was suppose to be in during his final D1 years?

  8. Haniryoku says:


    No sadly not lol, this is new chassis/collaboration between TCP and Mike, Some setup has been of course tailored to his spec so he’ll be familiar with it like the Madbul, but this is going to be a total different ballgame for him.. Can’t see him winning any rounds, but as long as he adjusts quickly enough we might see some top16 action..

    Time will tell.

  9. lifer says:

    Hellafunctional wins every time.

  10. Mike Peters says:

    Real Money.

    Real Fun.

    Not Really in this thread.