2012 Formula Drift Panama International Drivers List

Posted on Jan 4, 2012 In Formula D Fredric Aasbo International Joon Maeng

Here is the list of drivers heading to Panama for the International invitational in March. Fredric Aasbo is sending over his Toyota Supra that everyone just seems to love.  The other Formula Drift stars are listed below and include Joon Maeng and what we can imagine is his S13.5 Nissan 240sx. What do you think of the rest of this drivers list?

Ross Petty
Joon Maeng
Cyrus Martinez
Fredric Aasbo


  1. clutch_kicker says:

    Not enough star power to be honest. But it’s nice to see some of the lower ranked drivers getting a shot to compete in these types of events

  2. Jelani says:

    powers needs to get the china s14 over there

  3. Jelani says:

    and justin needs to send a FC over again

  4. matt petty says:

    not enough “star power” are you fucking serious… ALL of those dudes rip..fact. But ross’s car still looks like balls.

  5. matt petty says:

    based on how cyrus drove the last couple events.. i want to see that dude come out cutting throats. These dudes are small on the budgets… thats it man. Enough skill in that pack to annihilate

  6. Jmadge says:

    Matt petty for president

  7. Om1kron says:

    Agreed on the wrap on Petty’s 15, but he’s still the BAWS HOGG!!!

    More like not enough dickrider power, powers has a cool personality people are attracted to and his driving his sick. But he’s definitely not big show as far as pro drifters go.

    Aasbo, has ton’s of heat on him still 2 years in.

    Joon, the sweetest man alive lol. (no homo)

    Cyrus is a great driver as well, although I hate who he drives for. At least he’s driving for someone.

  8. YOitzJDM says:

    sucks that there’s no abu dhabi this year and this is all we have to hold us over until april… a half-ass parking lot demo in panama.

  9. Blockockney says:

    thats kinda whack, where are the big dogs? whats happening to Formula Drift? of all the drivers this is what your sending to represent, (not even one top 5 driver)?

  10. cody says:

    List is kinda small. Shouldn’t their be at least 8?

  11. Kids Heart says:

    Why Panama? My family is from Panama and I visit about every 5 years but I don’t see a drift scene like in D.R. Or P.R. Should have been there or Brazil.

  12. hollywood says:

    hey kid fd has a history in panama and a history of going places their isnt drifting and making the sport explode there.

    star power is all matt powers knows!!! and i hardly think there is another driver as internationally known as asbo. so i think they chose fine. atleast its not like sending tony b to dubai still cant for the life of me see why they did that…..

  13. Blockockney says:

    Puerto Rico would change drifting forever, huge scene down there !!! FD wants to stay tight jeans and rock & roll hipster. hate to say it but none of them would last 5 minutes dressed like those bloodmasters clowns!

  14. Shawn says:

    The megan car will be a nice comedic relief

  15. tirekicker says:

    Hollywood, I don’t see Powers on the list?

    Also, some of you guys seem to be under the impression that FD “sends” these guys out to these events, but you’re really quite horribly mistaken. EVERY driver in the series is contacted about these opportunities. It’s the guys who volunteer that go to these events. Same for the Middle East events last year. They didn’t “send” Tony B, he just went.

    C’mon, you don’t think that if FD were just “sending” dudes over that they wouldn’t pay JR, Forsberg, and Rhys to go over or something? To “send” dudes down there, no matter how huge the star power, would be a MASSIVE expense, and I think you’re pretty retarded if you think that FD is footing the bill for these guys to go to Panama.

  16. mattpetty says:

    Hey blockney, ill let you know how it goes down in pr for this rock and roll hipster bloodmaster…. Pinche puta..

  17. FormulaD Ryan says:

    Nice to see everyone back from the break so spicy. Guys, this is a cool little demo that we have been doing in Panama for years. The promoter is a good friend of ours, he picks the drivers from an available list and we deliver. That’s it.

    Who said we weren’t doing Abu Dhabi and other events? The dates were never announced so who said they were not happening?

    We also just finished the Asia Championship weeks ago in Malaysia and that show is already online, so go watch it if you desire more content. It’s pretty good.

  18. Blaze1 says:

    Solid list imo

  19. Reese says:

    Blockockney– sorry bro I’ve been to PR and judged an event there….and well lets just say y’all need to catch up. I love the guys i met down there but the stupid drama bull sh*t needs to stop…Manji entries? Yeah that needs to stop too.let get some legit cages and some Proper suspension and alignments in them cars too….Long story short bring that awesomeness to clubloose and let see if you can dance with us… 🙂

    shout out to the Lizard bros, Sato, etc…mad love

  20. Chris Licup says:

    Littering and….Littering and….

  21. Shawn says:

    I heard Pitbull is building a drift car for Formula D PR this year. Maybe he’ll join DA and get skinny jeans and gothic tatoos

  22. Crook says:

    Lol @ Shawn.

    Matt Petty is telling it how it is…

  23. Blockockney says:

    yea nice vests!

  24. Sileighty91 says:

    what car is Joon using (anyone know)?

  25. Mike Peters says:

    No car, just a denim vest, and out for blood.

  26. Sileighty91 says:

    Matt Petty for Prez! He’s my favorite skinny jean guy!

  27. miguelito says:

    formula d ryan anyplan doin a best of 8 in panama?

  28. steve b. says:

    ricans get wet!

  29. mattpetty says:

    I starve my fabric.