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Behind the Scenes of the first Scion FR-S Commercial with Ken Gushi [SNAPSHOTS]

The Scion FR-S has been the biggest buzz of the import car scene in quite some time. Formula Drift announcer Jarod DeAnda went behind the scenes of the commercial shoot and captured all the action from flat black Mercedes SUVS to helicopters with huge cameras on them. Follow the jump below to see a ton of photographs.

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Vaughn Gittin Jr. Chases His R/C Car All Over K&N [VIDEO]

Vaughn Gititn Jr. in collaboration with HPI and K&N filters produced a fantastic chase scene around the K&N HQ in Riverside, California. The video has them traveling all around the warehouse property and winds up inside the K&N distribution center. It looks like they had fun shooting it and if Vaughn didn’t run over so many HPI cars they might have more than 5 to give away. You can see him demolish some of them in the ending credits. You can enter to win the contest at the K&N Facebook page. Follow the link below to the video!

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2012 Drift All-Stars in Europe [SCHEDULE]

The former series of JDM All-Stars which is now rebranded as Drift All-Stars has a pretty awesome 2012 schedule spanning across the continent. The event looks at six full events and a national cup to complete the series. Let’s check out where they are visiting:

Round 1-  Birmingham Speedway (England) May 18th/19th
Round 2- London 02 Arena (England) June 23rd/24th
Round 3- TBD (Ireland) July TBD
Round 4- Constantsa Stadium (Romania) August 17th-19th
Round 5- Maripocs (Hungary) August 25th/26th
Round 6 Finals- Valleta (Malta) September 21st-23rd
Nations Cup- Drift Grand Prix (Romania) October 5th-7th

Jeff Jones Building a S14 for the 2012 Formula Drift Series

Jeff Jones has spent his fair share of history in Formula Drift moving from one chassis to another in the sport. In fact, we even own one of his old chassis from the 2010 season in the form of a FD Mazda Rx-7. He is pictured above giving tribute to his old car back at the 2011 SEMA Show. Now he reported today that he will be putting together a new chassis for 2012. The new chassis will be a S14 Nissan 240sx platform with some sort of turbo motor setup. The guys at Garrett have announced they will be coming on board for his new build. We cannot wait to see what Jeff Jones has cooked up for the new season.

Tony Angelo To Drive The Scion Racing tC In Formula Drift 2012!

“TAngelo Racing is happy to announce a return to drifting in 2012 with factory support from Scion Racing. After three years as a Formula Drift judge and technical manager, Tony’s long awaited return to competition is met with personal excitement and lots of hype from his fans.

Tony will be driving the #33 Scion Tc from 2011, with a whole new look and feel. The crew will consist of drifting favorites, “DA Aces” Lindsay Ross as spotter, and Mike “Carluch” Edwards wrenching on the car. While Tony has been keeping active in overseas competition and driving with “Bloodmasters,” a drifting gang producing explosive missile car videos out of Englishtown, NJ, he’s psyched to return to FD competition.

“I couldn’t be more excited to get back into the drivers seat for 2012,” Tony said. “Scion is a brand that is very active in drifting, and is doing really fun things for 2012. I’ve always been impressed by their presence in FD, and I am totally pumped to be part of the Scion Racing Family.”

2012 Pro Drift Ireland Has Arrived with 5 Rounds [SCHEDULE]

The guys in Europe (Ireland) are coming up with a big and fun 2012 series. They have produced several Formula Drift drivers past/present from former champions so keep your eye out at these events for up and coming talent.

Round 1 Ennis, Co.Clare April 14th/15th
Round 2 Punchestown, Co. Kildare May 25th/26th/27th
Round 3 Fermoy, Co. Cork July 14th/15th
Round 4 Tullyroan, Co. Tyrone August 18th/19th
Round 5 Mondello, Co. Kildare September 8th/9th

2011 Formula D Rookie Odi Bakchis Showing Off Reverse Entry in his M7 240sx [VIDEO]

Just the other day Odi showed off his new look and partners for 2012 in this great photo taken by Oliver Petalver. He even put more power coming through his LS2 engine with some high compression and other goodies to step his game up in 2012! He went out to Willow Springs for some testing and released this reverse entry video of him having some fun in the new car and showing he is already extremely comfortable in his M7/Nexen S14. Follow the link below to see the video.

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Chelsea DeNofa Releases 2011 XDC Championship Reel [VIDEO]

Chelsea DeNofa won the XDC championship two years in a row (2010-2011) and is now making his way over to Formula Drift in 2012. He just released a 2011 reel video which you can check out by following the link below. He really puts down some great follow runs through these 2011 XDC video and we are hoping he can bring that aggressiveness into Formula Drift for this season. Hopefully his 2012 chassis has more power or on some tracks he will have a hard time keeping up with the rocket ships competition like ASD.
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2012 Midwest Drift Union ProAm Series [SCHEDULE]

Drifting is kicking off again with 5 rounds of the Midwest Drift Union scheduled for the 2012 calendar year. The schedule takes local drivers from Ohio, Wisconsin, and Indiana. The end of the year includes an awards banquet in Indianapolis on October 6th to recap the seasons events.

Round 1 – Kilkare Speedway (Xenia, Ohio) April TBA
Round 2 – USAir (Schwano, Wisconsin) May 27th
Round 3 – Lake County Speedway (Cleveland, Ohio) July 7th
Round 4 – Lucas Oil Speedway Indy (Indianapolis, Indiana) August 11th
Round 5 – Kilkare Speedway (Xenia, Ohio) September 15th

Bloodmasters Present Bloodbath Part 1 at Englishtown [VIDEO]


In case you ever tried to convince someone that drifting wasn’t just full of hooligan kids doing random hood-rat shit in the time  between robbing liquor stores and mugging old ladies then please don’t show them this video. All joking aside this Bloodmasters Part 1 video shows off some intense skill and entertainment all focused around Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey. The video features some Formula Drift drivers such as Ryan Tuerck, Chris Forsberg, and Tony Angelo who all seem to be driving “missile” car S13’s as they slam into each other, parts of the track, and about anywhere else you could think of around the race course. My favorite part of the video falls around 3:13 when they have a five car tandem (two cars going one direction on the track and three going the other way) all at the same time. This is shown in screen capture three above. Follow the link after the video to see a full list of credits for the Bloodmasters Bloodbath Part 1 video.

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