Bloodmasters Teaser [VIDEO]

The team is half street gang and half missile drift crew which is composed of several Drift Alliance Members, a few Drift ALliance Aces, all mixed in with a few new bloods of the sport. The video boasts Ryan Tuerck, Chris Forsberg, and Tony Angelo tearing up Englishtown Raceway in what has to be one of the best drifting videos we have seen in a long time. While the Drift Alliance these days is all but dead (except for Rhys Millen joining the team) this just marks the feeling of 2004 Drift Alliance or dare I say the “Bad As Hell” days. Sit back and enjoy one awesome drifting video.


  1. mattpetty says:

    Happy holidays pussies

  2. HA! says:

    Wrecked….your so sensitive. Drift Alliance is far from dead and the Rhys fun was just a joke.

    PS I need to see more of this video now!

  3. ski says:

    Best video ever? yes, By far

  4. Wrecked Magazine says:

    We know Rhys Millen was a joke. One of the best.

  5. Slavik says:

    Quality! worth re watching…
    can’t wait for full piece!

  6. heroeightsix says:

    I like the jean vests!!! Hell Yea!

  7. hollywood says:

    oh fuck this just made my day