Jodin Lejeune’s Infiniti G35 in Europe and Now Crashed

Posted on Dec 19, 2011 In Formula D International Wrecks

Former Formula Drift driver Jodin Lejeune sold his Infiniti G35 drift machine to a customer in Europe recently. The JDM Garage Infiniti G35 is now white with blue accents. Sadly someone sent us these photos of how much the poor former Formula D car got smashed up recently at a local event out in Europe. Hopefully they can get the car back together quickly after this accident!



  1. sidekick says:

    This car is now repaired. It will be used next year in the UK by Mark Needs. A member of the same team has also bought the Drift Emporium S15.

    Have a video:

  2. DriftMaster says:

    Very nice car !!!! It is bag that it was wrecked like this ….

  3. Marty says:

    Ah, well good thing I crashed the 15 before he sold it, now JDM Garage doesn’t need to 🙂

  4. Mark needs says:

    Hi there
    This g35 is now owned by me we are in process of a total rebuild for the 2012 uk/europe drift championships if you would like in for or up dates on the build let me no many thanks mark

  5. Rod Summers says:

    Hello Needs,

    I know these post are old but do you still own the G35?

  6. Frank lejeune says:

    Why the fuck are you messing up my uncles car bro?