Daigo Saito Is Coming to Formula Drift in 2012 [CONFIRMED FINALLY]

Formula Drift in 2012 will add another D1GP champion to the mix with Daigo Saito. He has been rumored for years to come join the fun in Formula Drift and now it is finally happening! The guys at Bridges Racing who campaigned Robbie Nishida with a yellow S15 in years past are taking the big step with Daigo Saito in 2012.

Daigo Saito will be an addition to the Bridges Racing team in 2012 making the Japanese drivers teammates in 2012. This has to the biggest news of the off-season to date! Daigo Saito almost won the 2011 D1GP Championship and has now added to a long list of international champions who have made the jump into Formula Drift. This has to put an even bigger hurt on the D1GP series in Japan but we will look more into that in a later post. Who is excited to see Daigo Saito stateside in 2012?


  1. sidekick says:

    This is awesome news, but I can see how it’s gunna play out now. The car won’t be competitive – Saito will struggle to keep up purely from car limitations, let alone beat the high players in a tandem match, cue masses of v8 haters complaining that the judging is biased, and that DA is ruining FD. I really hope this is not the case.

    Hopefully Bridges sort him an awesome competitive car, and he smokes everyone. Even better if it was something JZX. I really hope he does well but if he doesn’t the fan boys will be crying about the judging just like usual! Awesome news anyway, can’t wait to see it.

  2. clutch_kicker says:

    I think he’ll be alright. Nishida suprised everyone the last two rounds at Vegas and Irwindale. I’m sure Daigo will have an even more gnarly car than Nishida. With Nishida getting more comfortable in the S13.5 this should make for a nice team.

  3. Yo says:

    What about his Altezza? Already FD spec and legal in Usofa. Are there any different rules in different countries?

  4. Yo says:

    Like specs and stuff

  5. sidekick says:

    That is true, Nishida was on it at the last two rounds. I honestly really hope Daigo does well. I wonder when we will find out what ride he is getting from Bridges. If only we would see him in his JZX100, that would be immense.

  6. Jmadge says:

    Hes gonna be running a ls7 honda civic… It could happen

  7. TSUNAMI-Donny says:

    The biggest problem I see with Daigo’s coming over is just the availability of parts, compared to the homeland. But knowing Daigo, he’ll use one of his many side cars, (he had a JZX90 that Robbie used at Ebisu, the Altezza, and a slew of other X100 cars on the side.) Exciting season for sure, but I won’t be surprised if Saito doesn’t fall into line for the first few rounds. Strong support though, let’s go Japan!

  8. MBcivicman says:

    brilliant news, as for whats going to happen to d1gp its already got a rival in the drift muscle series, and alot of d1 drivers compete in it.As for the car i hope to see him in i think a scion frs, a jzx90 or jzx81(since serial nine do parts for alex lee) or bridges racing will have something else in mind.

  9. Jelani says:

    aasbo was competitive in a bolt on stock block 2jz on e85 that made 550hp im sure diago will do fine comes down to the driver and comitment sometimes also

  10. Altecus says:

    He will be in 180sx with ‘Super wided bodykit’ .

  11. Jeff Abbott says:

    Great stuff. Just shows how awesome Formula Drift is!

  12. rotarypower says:

    for all the people worried about him not him not having a car up to par with the rest of the field he will be just fine i knew about this a month ago just glad its offical now i cant wait to hear what he will be driving OOO I SO PUMPED


  13. petite pounder says:

    i bet he fields a car with an LSx

  14. Mike Peters says:

    LS powered Chaser, on black wheels.

    For America.

  15. ian says:

    daigo has a ls1 s13.5 already so stop crying about the v8.

  16. Cody says:

    I would like to see him, or anybody, in the v8 Apexi Lexus.

  17. TSUNAMI-Donny says:

    Huh. I completely forgot. Daigo owns an S13.5 with an LS1.

  18. Marty says:

    Bridges better get funding to run the whole season this year.

  19. lifer says:

    Bridges has something special in mind for sure, but don’t ever count out Nishida. Bridges racing is making massive progress in developing a stable VQ that is very competitive and will survive the abuse. (no fires or blowing up) Odds are Daigo will be in a VQ powered car. Twin S13.5? It would be great to see a team with the same chassis and maybe different bodykits/wheels. The S13.5 is a dream machine that is very tangible for a motivated proam driver.

  20. hollywood says:

    god this is old news. otto get with it man speed hunters had this up last week.

  21. YOitzJDM says:

    But bridges only ran 4 events last year? Unless they found a fountain of money, I can’t understand how they go from 1 car 4 events to 2 cars 7 events…

  22. shawley says:

    Rumor to be in a X90 accrding to some posts on Facebook

  23. Buckey Laing says:

    lol @ Mike Peters. best thing you’ve said to date.


  24. steve b. says:

    serialnine mx73 wagon..

  25. sittharn says:

    it is not a 4-door.

    you guys. will be surprised.

  26. sittharn says:

    not his s13.5 either.

  27. KidsHeart says:

    I hope its a Mustang or Camaro.

  28. beto says:


  29. lifer says:

    I bet it will be a USDM car. Think about it. If you were drifting USDM professionally, and had an opportunity to go compete in D1GP in Japan, you will want a JDM comp car. I bet Daigo will really want a USDM car(or USDM V8 powered JDM car) to change it up and challenge himself. I am not saying this is the most liked idea, but I think most likely. I too would love to see an FD legal version of his D1 car compete here in the states too.

  30. lifer says:

    Either way its a competition and Hellafunctional is priority #1

  31. byron h. says:

    wasn’t he supposed to run a mustang in D1 a couple years ago?

  32. soy says:

    He should bring out the Chaser!