Scion FR-S Media Unveiling/Testing in Japan at Fuji Speedway

Posted on Nov 26, 2011 In International Japanese Major Announcements Scion

Speedhunters journalist and former Wrecked Magazine photographer Dino Dalle Carbonare posted this on his Facebook earlier today. This is a test mule Scion FR-S he snapped at an event in Japan right now over at Fuji Speedway. According to someone at the event the car in Japan will be branded just as the Toyota GT 86. A finalized stock version of the car should crop up very soon. We have even more news about the Scion FR-S in drifting coming up right around the corner as well!


  1. DUBteez says:

    Cant wait for a video of it. really wanna hear it!

  2. Casey Crittenden says:

    There is zero to hear from this car.

    Wonder why they decided to give their new RWD sports car 4WD ride height.

  3. Jundt says:

    The New Scion FR-S GT 86, kinda looks like in way the new Subaru BRZ.

  4. Kids Heart says:

    It’s uncanny. Almost as if Toyota copied Subaru.

  5. travis barrow says:

    they didnt copy subaru. they produced two seperate cars together that have the same kind of concept. thats why you see a subaru boxer motor under the hood of a toyota straight of the production line