Vaughn Gittin Jr. Gets New Mustang for International Events [SPYSHOT]

Posted on Nov 21, 2011 In Formula D Spy Shots Vaughn Gittin Jr.

We pulled a quick screen grab from this video showing the new Ford Mustang rolling into paint according to ASD. The car is being assembled for international demos according to the blog. The car is a simplistic version of his race car like most international demo cars and features a Ford crate motor.




  1. J240 says:

    ANOTHER ONE! Lol, JR do you really need all of these demo cars? I know you sold some of them off, but really? Now you’re building another one? Lol I understand you’re not paying for it (Monster/ASD is) but DAMN! Isn’t sometimes it just too much?

  2. Blaze1 says:

    (Insert angry Drift Alliance comment here)

  3. Mike peters says:

    That’s baller, and means a lot more gamebeing brought to new markets.


  4. Vaughn says:

    @j240 so you mean I don’t have to pay all these invoices? You must know something I don’t…..

    I’m really pumped to get out to some countries I have always wanted to go to and get crazy in that beast. More info soon!

  5. Casey Crittenden says:

    So the comp car, one demo car here, the other one was last in china, and now another new one. Livin the life.

  6. DUBteez says:

    Good for vaughn! how could you hate on him for building a few sick drift cars even if he didnt pay for them which im sure he does.should be happy to see a drifter being successful.

  7. Casey Crittenden says:

    People hate because they’re jealous

  8. SteveO says:

    He’s definitely taking drifting to the next level, bringing the sport into more markets will only grow the sport.

  9. Roido 11 says:

    Well I’ll admit it.
    Yes I’m just jealous!

  10. DA Fan 11 says:

    Color me jealous. Vaughn, would you ever use the RTR-X for international demos?

  11. YOitzJDM says:

    DA Fan – I think the RTR-X might be a bit of a hassle because it was a kit car, I don’t know if it has a title or vin number…

  12. sidekick says:

    This is a great step as far as drifting goes for recognition and expansion. There won’t be many cars worldwide that can hang with something of this level worldwide, it’s gunna be so competitive. I am jealous of Jr that’s for sure

  13. Nick says:

    I think an interesting story for wrecked would be to track down former FD/Demo cars and see where they ended up once they were “retired”. Am I the only one?

  14. Buckey Laing says:

    +1 seriously i always wonder about the ex FD cars. especially the baller JZX100 Falken car, RX8 with the Cosmo RE, and the signal skyline etc.

    Wrecked is PRO facebook only apparently.

    +1 for Vaughn who cares how many cars he has. Dude has worked for it to get to where he is, and it’s evolving the sport by bringing not only his sponsors, and himself to other countries, but drifting as-well.

    5yrs ago who would’ve envisioned FD having an FD Asia series!?!?! it’s taking off, fast and all the haters are going to get left behind sitting on the side lines watching…

  15. Jmadge says:

    dope news glad to see that vaughns planning to expand drifting and become more of a total bitchin drift star than he already is, he took drifting and made it his life and become successful by doing work and earning everything he has, he loves drifting like we all do you cant hate a man for making something he loves out of his life

  16. some dude says:

    LOL @wrecked – “ford crate motor”. what’s really going on there vaughn?

  17. J240 says:

    @everyone here Hey hey hey! No hate intended! I just meant I thought it was funny how many cars Vaughn has! I’m not saying that’s bad or anything! Im not trying to hate on a guy who has spent a long time working himself over to a motorsport champion after years of attempts and practice. Hell yeah Vaughn you go! But I was just stopping for a sec to think whether or not you need 5 demo cars. If you do, do it, if it makes your life easier, do it, hell, even if you want to just be a baller, do it.

  18. hollywood says:

    after watching the video of vaughn and the burst guys i think this will be fun for him to much around the globe and bring the thunder (as soon as i typed this i thought of cars) of the v8 to other countrys. bro please go drive a few bdc rounds.

  19. YOitzJDM says:

    Bucky – Both the black Falken Chaser and blue RX8 w/ 13B were totaled in competition (Chaser in Seattle, RX8 at West Virginia).

    Signal Skyline was still at the Signal shop a few years back, but they closed the US shop recently. It probably got shipped back to Japan.

  20. Nick says:

    Congrats JR!

    it is looking good!

  21. rotarypower says:

    @yoitzjdm the signal skyline is here in atlanta ga it was at a local event a few months back

  22. Yo says:

    Wasn’t that Chaser owned by Koguchi?

  23. blaze1 says:

    The Teal and Blue Chaser was Koguchi’s

    The Black one was Seigo Yamamoto, and yes it was totaled and I think it was shipped back to japan and parted out.

  24. God i miss those cars….. mainly the chasers. Koguchi’s chaser was mental. i wish everyone had 2j’s and bosch044 pumps for days!

  25. Patrick says:

    Koguchi’s Chaser is in Ireland owned by a guy called Miguel Marini iirc

  26. cody says:

    I thought Drift emporium bought the Skyline? Also, was the blue rx8 different from the black one? The black one was totalled at Englishtown?

  27. Jeff Abbott says:

    This stuff isnt complicated guys. Its business. They would not build a car if it was not a smart business move. Its all about ROI. JR just happens to be able to have ROI doing something he loves. Congrats JR…