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2011 Formula Drift Best Looking Car – Matt Field

Matt Field came out with an all new look to his S14 this season and everyone loved the Fatlace S14 he came out with this year. The car is neon yellow with purple/chrome logos and accents all around. The best looking car in the series for 2011 officially after he won this award tonight. Hoepfully Matt Field will throw something better at us next year with an exterior refresh and run for this award again in 2012.

2011 Formula Drift Team Manager of the Year: Chris Forsberg

Chris Forsberg won the 2011 Team Manager of the Year award for the 2011 season. Chris Forsberg owns/operates/drivers for Chris Forsberg Racing and put down a great 2011 season. He took his 350z to the Middle East and finished 2nd at Yas Marina Circuit for Formula Drift Abu Dhabi to start the season. CFR built the first four seater drift car with an Infiniti M series which was unleashed at XDC Irwindale Speedway this year. After all that he rolled out his Nissan 370z and with a first year chassis he scores 3rd place in the championship this season with a close chance to win it all. His new chassis made all 7 rounds of Top 16, 6 Top 8 appearances, and 2 podiums to finish off a stellar season. This is what earned him the 2011 Formula Drift Team Manager of the Year Award.


2011 Formula Drift Fan Favorite – Walker Wilkerson

This rookie won over the hearts of many drifters at Streets of Long Beach with a great qualifying result and one hell of an attitude. The Falken Tire driver fell just short of Rookie of the Year behind Odi Bakchis but really set out to make a name for himself this season. He brought his huge following/support system from the northwest into the season and gained tons of followers/fans around the world before the years end. We cannot wait to see him competing in the 2012 season.

Tony Angelo Returning to Driving in 2012 [CONFIRMED]

The Formula Drift 2011 Awards Banquet has kicked off, and right off the bat dropped a bombshell of a story: Tony Angelo will not be returning as Judge and Technical Manager for the 2012 Season. He has mentioned getting back behind the wheel, however did not mention a ride or major sponsor for 2012.

2011 Formula Drift Round 7 at Irwindale [GALLERY]

With one of the most exciting rounds in Formula Drift history in the books, we bring you the complete gallery from Formula Drift Round 7 at the House of Drift in Irwindale. Justin Kahler was on the scene to bring to you a thorough gallery documenting every hit, loss and victory at Irwindale.

View the complete gallery here:

2011 Rookie of the Year – Odi Bakchis

This rookie of the year season was one of the best we have seen to date in this series. We even went so far to highlight the three main rookies in Wrecked Magazine Issue 21 – The Rookie Race which you can read detailed interviews with all the drivers. These drivers paid for tires and came out of pocket to compete which is really the essence of competing in this sport. Something tells me a few of these high profile rookies will get some love come next season! Here is how they finished behind the 2011 Rookie of the Year Odi Bakchis. The ranking after the final 2011 score is how they finished in the overall standings for the year:

1. Odi Bakchis (255 points – 16th Place)
2. Walker Wilkerson (212 points – 18th Place)
3. Otto Graven (183.75 points – 23rd Place)
4. Ryan Kado (155.25 points – 27th Place)
5. Luke Lonberger (127.25 points – 32nd Place)
6. Alex Lee (79.25 points – 36th Place)
7. Pat Cyr (73.25 points – 38th Place)
8. Kenneth Moen (73.25 points – 38th Place)
9. Mike Feiock (73 points – 40th Place)
10. Emmanuel Dio (49 points – 42nd Place)
11. Kyle Pollard (24.50 points – 43rd Place)
12. Jim Guthrie (24.25 points – 45th Place)

2011 Formula Drift Irwindale– Round 7 [RESULTS]

1st. Tyler McQuarrie
2nd. Rhys Millen
3rd. Chris Forsberg

Dai Yoshihara is the 2011 Formula Drift Champion

After a rollercoaster of a series the man who has come so close in the championship has finally taken home a championship! He held out Justin Pawlak and took home the Discount Tire S13 to a championship in the series by a margin of less than 10 points. Dai Yoshihara has finally done it after a ton of close calls to the championship!

Rhys Millen Has Joined the Drift Alliance – The World Has Ended

Fans are confused, Matt Petty has lost it, the Drift Alliance is in flux and Petit Pounder is crying in a corner. Rhys is in the club.

Rhys Millen Sufferers Second Engine Failure

Rhys Millen Engine Fire

During last nights Formula Drift practice session Rhys Millen suffered a second engine failure. The crew is currently working on the car back at RMR. They are trying to put another engine in and have the car back in time for Top 32.