Kevin Wells and Sergio Ramirez Step Down from Chris Forsberg Racing

Posted on Oct 29, 2011 In Chris Forsberg Formula D Major Announcements

Just hours before the 2011 SEMA Show kicks off and the rumor/shake up gossip has been kicked off with a huge announcement. According to Kevin Wells (left) Facebook page the crew has resigned from the team as of today. No mention of where they will be going for 2012 season. However I can assure you they will be one of the most recruited options this off season if they have interest in staying within Formula Drift in the future. A huge announcement that just left us shocked this morning as we finished up our SEMA cars with the help of some other drivers/industry people today. It is really all we have been talking about.


  1. moose says:

    Kevin and Serg wish you guys the best of luck in your future endeavors.

  2. This is easily the best crew in Formula Drift. Things won’t be the same at CFR, but I wish all parties the best of luck in 2012.

  3. cody says:

    What? I can’t believe this.

  4. Blockockney says:

    “Team Manager of the Year” NO….?
    thats some awards party, who chose the winners, geesh?
    this is to funny

  5. gsxr750 says:

    I bet these guys will disagree with that award, gotta be more to this story for these guys just to up and leave like this. Lets go wrecked do some investigating.

  6. Danny George says:

    Going to rmr and running that program w tuerck?!?! Id think they are sticking with DA someone. Maybe new crew for angelo?

    Gonna be intetesting next year.

    Good luck to all involved. Must be difficult.

  7. Jelani says:

    wish you guys the best of luck!

  8. DrDrift says:

    Wonder if “Mr Manager of the Year” is going to show up for his Hankook demo @ Sema this week? Will the car even be ready without his crew?

  9. onebadmuthatrucka says:

    wheres the peanut gallery on this one, very confused as to why this post doesnt have 101 comments already!

  10. BC Rider says:

    People step down and others step up. He should be at the demo in Vegas and the starting line in Long Beach. If I recall Chris Forsburg has not missed one event or demo.

  11. Sik says:

    It’s like a soap opera. Wtf. If forsberg can’t keep em then it speaks to his character. Obv there is more to this story.

  12. Tom Diaz's Dad says:

    @Sik….speaks to his character? Forsberg is the nicest dude ever, you’re an idiot

  13. onebadmuthatrucka says:

    Nice dudes dont always make great business men

  14. Tom Diaz's Dad says:

    Not that I particularly care to defend Chris…but how is he not a great businessman? He’s won a championship in his chosen field, he’s one of the most consistent drivers out there and he’s one of the best in the entire world at his profession. Beyond being a great driver, he owns his own team/company and has some pretty rad sponsors, I’d say that takes some business skills…

  15. gsxr750 says:

    If he’s such a great dude why did both crew members just up and leave? Definitly more behind this.

  16. hollywood says:

    kevin and serg both have lives outside of drifting and with chris wanting to run more events over seas and less time at home its only odvious that these gents steped down to focus on a family life.Chris is a great guy and a great team leader i for one would jump at the opertunity to work for him/with him, and if i recal him and jtp built the m45 drift car on there own without serg and kevin’s help.

    chris if you need a hand you have my number bro i got your back…

  17. onebadmuthatrucka says:

    Tom Diaz’s Dad,I guess only time will tell. Lets see how this season goes with a crew that he can afford!
    I hope it works out for him!
    Those accolades were all acheived under the assistance of K. Wells, and Sergio Ramirez (lets not forget)

  18. Shawn says:

    Ginger Beard is a bad ass driver and cool dude.

  19. Sileighty91 says:

    Forsberg is the man,Sergio & Kevin Wells will regret this decision. I cant believe how much disrespect they are showing him! Wonder where these guys are going to wind up now?

  20. Sileighty91 says:

    I take that back! Best of luck to everyone involved!

  21. Mike Peters says:

    Hahahahahahaha @ peanut gallery.

  22. Chuck Jager says:

    You all know Kevin was appointed FD technical inspector next year right? This was all planned. Its not like they are going anywhere….

  23. ezequiel ramirez says:

    They are doing rally cross more money and yes there was somwe things going on … money good luck to all go noz team