2011 Formula Drift Irwindale– Round 7 [RESULTS]

Posted on Oct 8, 2011 In Chris Forsberg Rhys Millen Tyler McQuarrie

1st. Tyler McQuarrie
2nd. Rhys Millen
3rd. Chris Forsberg


  1. petite pounder says:

    TMAC just making FALKEN look foolish. i think RMR needs to build a car for him and get him on board. a genesis…SEDAN!

  2. Mike Peters says:

    Heeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllll Yeeeeeeeeaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TMac sticking it to the man with the utmost class.

  3. gsxr750 says:

    Nice shit TMAC! He should have no problem finding a new ride next year, if he doesn’t have plans already.

  4. Sileighty91 says:

    definitely a great event! that will make them rethink taking him outta the car last month!!!!!!! dumbasses!

  5. MadSkillsFan says:

    Congrats to TMac and Rhys.
    Two engine blows, a week of rumors and a solid 2nd place. Epic Win

  6. YOitzJDM says:

    Tmac drove the wheels off that car! he was out to prove something, and he definitely did it.

    I think it’s awesome that he finished ahead of JR.

  7. Brady says:

    The best part about this story is he shut out ASD from a possible championship. Congrats TMAC!

  8. Brian says:

    I was really hoping he would go out in a bang. it really sucked what happened to TMAC and it just goes to show you that the wrong call was made.

    and on a ps GregV HAHAHA that shit made my day! because why? RACECAR!

  9. rotarypower says:

    lol i love how he won this event and brady couldnt be more right he gave ASD and FALKEN two fingers ,,i,, ,,i,, you for the bitch move in vegas now im gonna use ur car,go for mine and shut u guys down and make u think about the decision u made in vegas now take that with you

  10. Brad Heyl says:

    Just wanted to say Congrats to Tyler. He is one of my favorite drivers and always will be. Also, I think what happened to him this year was tough for both Falken/ASD and Tyler no matter what kind of rumors are floating around.

    Did Tyler stick it to the man? Ehh, if ASD and Falken didn’t want him to do well this round they would have made his car drive like crap but obviously they don’t want that for him. Both the teams and the drivers will move on in the sport to do well and I’m sure will remain friends despite the switch because all of them are gentleman. It’s nothing personal like some people are making it out to be… just business.

    That was a solid win by Tyler, I am looking forward to seeing where he goes next season!

  11. Real talk says:

    ^^Whatever Falken Mgr maid a stupid call to remove him from his car that didn’t benefit Tmac or JTP in the long run. Had Tmac drove his 350z in Vegas he/Falken would have had a solid contender for the championship. Hopefully he gets a more intelligent team Mgr next year,he deserves it.

  12. Real talk says:


  13. matt scott says:

    Brad Hey,

    While I can understand your sentiments, you obviously have no understanding of contractual obligations. It’s not personal, its contractual from where I stand. Tyler has driven cars his whole life and he has created a respected image and reputation in many areas of the racing industry. Tyler committed himself, his talents, his loyalties, image and respected reputation to Falken’s drift team. Falken entered into a contract to secure his services and loyalty to Falken in return for providing him with an agreed compensation package and a specific car. Falken not only messes with their driver when they blatantly disregard their contractual obligations, they mess with the drivers livelihood, image and reputation. Tyler has a wife and three kids to support. What the hell was Falken’s management thinking? Quality drivers like Tyler will think twice about signing with Falken in the future and if they do, I suggest they get some serious legal support to review the contracts. I happen to do business with many companies in Japan. If Falkens management in Japan knew how disrespectful their US Racing management had been in this case, someone would get fired, and it wouldn’t be Tyler. I assure you. Brad.. get a clue…

  14. beto says:

    Congrats to T Mac. I think its to late to change my vote for comeback of the year.

  15. CBENZGO says:

    Real Talk/ Matt Scott,

    It is easy to look back and make judgments about past decisions. Was it a bad call in Vegas? Opinions vary. But the results don’t. At the end of the day, Falken’s management has been making the right decisions overall because they have won two championships in a row.

    And Matt your contract “knowledge” is laughable. I am sure Falken knows their contracts better than you, they wrote them after all.

  16. Mike Peters says:

    Falken has won two championships, but 2011 was all SPD!!!!

    And Scott is awesome!

  17. Supercrack says:

    Looks like ASD proved they don’t have team orders. Good for Tyler taking first. It was his to take. And good for ASD supporting him through till the end. It would be interesting to see Tylers take on the weekend from his own mouth.

    Dai won the championship, and he earned it. Congrats to him!

  18. matt scott says:


    Yes Falken drafted them and both Falken and Tyler signed them. Assume you’re saying that Falken would never breach their own contract? For the record, I know contract law extremely well and if Tyler would like, I’d be happy to look his contract with Falken over at no cost. At the least, there is an implied covenant of “good faith” and personally, I don’t see any good faith on Falken’s part in this scernario….

    Tyler… send me your number and I’ll give you a call!!!

  19. CBENZGO says:


    Hahaha! Having seen that contract, you are assuming ALOT on the language and provisions within it. You may know contract law, but not knowing the contents of this contract makes your claims hollow. You weren’t a part of the conversations between Falken and Tyler; you are simply searching for headlines.

    Besides, if Tyler has an issue, he does something about it. We would hear about it, like when JR screwed him in Atlanta this year. He was FURIOUS! But its been pretty quiet, and having just been at Irwindale, I can say that Tyler seemed to be getting along just fine with his current situation.

  20. Mike Peters says:

    Is this drifting or Springer?

    C’mon now. T Mac got screwed, and then took home the gold, and said “Thanks see ya later”.

    Class act. I don’t think he is financially irresponsible or hurting from this, and I’m pretty sure the point was made and he has moved on. There are articles here to prove it since we’re all excited about discovery phase.

  21. matt petty says:

    Tyler rips so hard… Great driving bro!