Tyler McQuarrie No Longer with Falken Tire After Irwindale Weekend

Another driver not stepping back into Justin Pawlak’s his Nissan 350z at the end of the season will be Tyler. This shouldn’t come as a shock after he was already removed from his car in Las Vegas by the Falken Team Manager when he sat 6th in the championship. We are glad to see Tyler not putting up with that amount of disrespect and heading elsewhere in 2012. We have a feeling he can find another program that will respect his talents and give him a great shot at someĀ vengeanceĀ for next season. We can only hope now that this car gets destroyed and set on fire this weekend at the hands of Tyler! This is a confirmed ACTION (no rumormill here) so teams looking for a driver please swoop him up.


  1. rotarypower says:

    someone will pick him up thats for damn sure

  2. J240 says:

    Damn, wonder who’s getting the Z.

  3. a random jawa says:

    Are you guys serious with this comment, really? I certainly hope Tyler is smart enough to realize that “destroying his car and catching it on fire” will do nothing to help find him a job. I don’t feel like you guys take this website seriously anymore when you post things as mindless as that. I love Tyler and think he is an awesome talent. Of course some on will pick him up as long as he doesn’t engage in your incredibly stupid idea. I hope he drives the wheels off it and picks up a podium this weekend. Good luck to him.

  4. Mike Peters says:

    Tyler is awesome, it would be so awesome to see him go somewhere as their go-to guy instead of being another person on the team.

    Good luck dude!

  5. Alex says:

    Tyler is an accomplished driver in many fields, I’m sure he’ll be picked up soon if not already. I doubt he’ll torch his car but it’d be cool if he podiums then drops the mic after his speech.

  6. Nick says:

    This is a major loss for Falken. I actually feel bad knowing that we won’t see him with that 350. T-Mac is one of the guys that got me into drifting; sad to see him split from Falken over a petty dispute after all these good years.

  7. Nick says:

    This is a major loss for Falken. I actually feel bad knowing that we won’t see him with that 350. T-Mac is one of the guys that got me into drifting; sad to see him split from Falken over a petty dispute after all these good years. It will be interesting to see who Falken invites to step into that car though.

    James Dean maybe?

  8. petite pounder says:

    A) obviously TMAC is being thrown out not because of the JTP incident, but because of his sweet AERO roof. b) RMR should pick up TMAC.

  9. jason says:

    hopefully the 350z wll be drivin by james deane year

    andhop fully tyler grts a good program

  10. petite pounder says:

    im not sure what a jawa is but at this point im convince it means “individual with an iq under 12”. its a joke u idiot.

  11. matt says:

    put walker in there!!!!!!

  12. YOitzJDM says:

    i saw T-mac talking to some teams in vegas… i hope he finds a new ride! he’s a top 5 level driver, he’s shown that before.

  13. thefuck? says:

    I think Tyler is the boringest driver in the top 10. He has never made a pass that caught my attention. He is very safe and consistent though, if someone wants a good driver that wont destroy their car.

  14. steve b. says:

    ken gushi in that car next season?

  15. YOitzJDM says:

    hmmmmmm…. T McQ + Scion…. That could work!

  16. Josh G. says:

    Falken should put Wilkerson in a car..kid would rip

  17. Daniel says:

    I dont blame him, Goodluck on picking up another great sponser. He is a good driver

  18. Metman2PSU says:

    Wonder if he might become a Millen driver…

  19. clutch_kicker says:

    I almost wanna skip Irwindale just to see what the off-season has in store for us. There will be so many drivers in different seats next year!

  20. Blockockney says:

    well, not to sure that guy should get manager of the year…wonder who voted for him? because I sure as hell didnt!

  21. matt petty says:

    As far as the “race car driver gone sideways”(jarod is such a nerd)are concerned.Tyler is my FAVORITE to watch. Dude is like a clip magnet but manages to do it with as much style as most of the born and bred drifters. Congrats to him for not putting up with the bullshit . I wish him luck in 2012. I hope to see him in something awesome. KILL IT THIS WEEKEND TYLER !! Ill be watching from NJ!

  22. RichG says:

    Amen Matt!

  23. GeeMoney says:

    Tuerck to RMR….Tyler to GR to pilot the Camaro????

  24. g- says:

    First of all ken gushi sucks, second, all drivers will fully support him with his decision. Its complete BS to take a guy out of his car during an event in which he WON last year. BS…. Kill it next year Tyler.

    DO WORK!

  25. Nick says:

    T-MAC is a perfect fit for the RMR Genesis…

  26. Ace says:

    Ryan Kado would fit well in the falken 350z

  27. Sileighty91 says:

    very true

  28. fat mike says:

    Tyler goes to Gardella… Hampshire goes to fill Rhys’s spot…

  29. gsxr750 says:

    That sounds good.