RS*R Not Coming Back in 2012 with A Formula Drift Program [RUMORMILL]

Ken Gushi has been documenting all the issues his RS*R Scion tC has had this year on more than one occasion through his blog. Long Beach I feel like he vented the most which you can see here in this,”Ken Gushi Blogs About Lack of Top 32 Competition and Long Beach.” I have heard from several other FD teams over the past week (unconfirmed with RS*R) that they have heard a buzz about the RS*R program not being together next season. The off season is all quiet right now with Irwindale coming up but we think some big driver changes are going to be happening this off season and we of course will be the only ones reporting on the rumors of the industry.

RS*R has been running a Scion program since inception of the car in Formula Drift but this year they have suffered many vehicle malfunctions. Even if RS*R stays on board in 2012 I find it hard to believe Ken Gushi would stick around given the opportunity to find another ride in the sport. Ken Gushi is one of the 16 elite drivers since the sports creation in 2004 to win a round of the series. This was back in Houston 2005 when he was with Ford Racing and it more recent time I feel like people have forgotten about his great achievements in this sport.


  1. YOitzJDM says:

    maybe he can convince papadakis to go back to a 2 car team and run 2 Scions.

    Gushi’s one of the only drivers who’s still driving from 2004, it’d be sad to see another guy leave the sport. I think there’s less than 10 left from the 1st season

  2. Danny George says:

    Team player check. Positive attitude check. Fd license check. Willing to drive and give 100% in any car at anytime check.

    Holla at cha boy RS*R.

    Gushi had been driving well lately too. Maybe he has known this since seattle where it seemed he stepped it up with nothing to loose. Unfortunetly with whatever reason it is his mediocre performances isnt an easy sell to another team with all the new blood out there. But he is an OG so there might be a team upgrade coming his way. Gushi and titan scion maybe? Ft86?

  3. Mike Peters says:

    I miss watching Ken in a car that actually works, would be ultra rad to see Gushi/Titan program, but the opposite coast thing might be an issue.

  4. Wes says:

    We’d love to continue our relationship with Scion, but after approaching them multiple times about doing so, they’re not interested in us running a drift car/program for them.

  5. Matt says:

    That’s aweful, I guess Scion decided that they had the younger generations market covered.

  6. Wes,
    Maybe Scion decided that Papadakis’s car, you know, the one that actually performed and didn’t blow up/break every round, would be a better option, and represent their company better.

  7. Someone Posting says:


    Thought you were with RS*R, trying to poke fun at them, never mind above comment, haha.


  8. Danny George says:

    So Titan, obviously there has been the rumors of joining drift that by your words seem true. Any first news here about a 2012 program without scion? You guys put out top notch work of course and the jump to a quality supra drift program wouldn’t be as difficult. Either way would be rad to see you as an addition to the series. 2car team be super crazy.

    Maybe some cool news be put out at sema?!?!?

  9. Mike Peters says:

    +1, would be rad to see another drag team who actually knows what they’re doing out there!

    Papadakis/Gardella/Bergenholtz have brought some great competition to FD, Titan would fit in the mix awesomely!

  10. Wes says:

    Steph and the team built a great car and run a great team, I miss the days of competing against them in the NHRA days.

    As far as 2012, nothing solid in stone yet, we’re still exploring partners as we have done in the past few years, but have no intentions of running a full season without having a team/partners in place we feel is capable of sitting on top of the podium every weekend.

  11. thefuck? says:

    I think Gushi is taking scion with him

  12. Nick says:

    Sad to hear but after so many blow ups and mech issues it isn’t entirely surprising.

    Now if only Aasbo brought his supra back into FD then I could see RSR wanting back in haha.

  13. Abe says:

    Nothing against Ken, he still has untapped potential but sucks to be a team owner in FD when you can pour blood sets sdn tears and money into s program and a car to have your driver just get up and say thanks for making me cool now I am gonna bounce.

  14. rj says:

    I heard in one of his interviews that he will be piloting the new scion fr-s next season