Kenneth Moen Doing a Hillclimb in his Monster Energy Toyota Supra [VIDEO]

Posted on Oct 1, 2011 In Formula D International Kenneth Moen Video

Kenneth Moen Hilclimb

This thing is just pouring out smoke left and right as Kenneth Moen muscles his Toyota Supra up this hill climb event. We hope Kenneth Moen can return to Formula Drift in 2012 (even in the Dodge Challenger) because he looked amazing driving that thing around Wall Speedway. Sit back and watch this great video.

Watch the video:


  1. mark says:

    Storm: you very observant….. Look at the ground…. Now go get’em tiger….

    Definitely an AWESOME video.

  2. the amount of smoke Supras put out is unreal. I wish the video wasn’t so oversaturated though.

  3. storm says:

    @mark: sorry, 95% of the corners were done first try. -_-

  4. travis barrow says:

    i really wish he didnt drive tanners old 350z in fd. just from seeing aasbo fav this video the other day and i saw how good and aggressive he is in the supra

  5. Mick Kenny says:

    He also drove Sam Hubinette’s Challenger and also the Viper at one test day from word on the street – goes to show a car makes a hell of a difference to a driver when 1. u own it and 2. its not a pile of crap. no offense to the 350z or the SHR cars, but can u imagine him doing this vid in any of those cars he has drove besides the supra? id like to know his honest opinion on that…

    Badass video and well worth the 20k+ views already.

  6. mark says:

    Says A LOT about tanner and Sam, since they both did great with those cars….

  7. dudeman xlc says:


  8. Sense says:

    Mick kenny and mark , so have any of you seen Sam or tanner in a supra like what aasbo and kenneth have done with it ? no , thought so . Supra is one of the heaviest drift cars around , most people tend to drift with a light car . try to slide with a heavy car and you will fast find out its not just to push the pedal to the metall , it looks easy but it sure isnt . it is easier with a lighter car aswell .

    Thought you might want to consider facts before posting shit .