Dai Yoshihara to pilot R32 Skyline at Drift AllStars This Weekend

Posted on Sep 13, 2011 In Daijiro Yoshihara International

After competing in ProDrift this past weekend, Dai Yoshihara will continue to make his rounds in Europe  with a stop in Wembley, London at the Drift AllStars European Series Finals this weekend.

The guys from Drift AllStars caught up with Dai who had this to say about the event:

“After having such a great weekend at Prodrift, i am really looking forward to a new challenge in London for the Drift Allstars Finals at Wembley. I have heard so much about this street course at Wembley stadium. I am looking forward to going up against more talented National champions/ European drivers and putting on a show for Driftworks and Falken Tyres Europe.”

Dai will be behind the wheel of the 550hp Toyota-powered Driftworks R32 Skyline in the series finale which kicks off this weekend, September 16-17 in Wembley, London.


  1. JacobPhoto says:

    I wonder if Driftworks is trying to leverage Dai as a way of getting in with Falken tire. Both Phil Morrison and BonBon have been over here in the US trying to find a ride in years past, but being on Federal Tires has held them back. I don’t think DW had an existing relationship with Falken (although I could be wrong)…. some interesting politics happening here!

  2. Joachim Waagaard says:

    I know Bon have, but when did Phil??

  3. eg420 says:

    wow, the euro league has made theyre series of events more exciting than the U.S. Wembley and Silverstone in the same month is almost too intense. =)

  4. Imran Rashid says:

    how come BonBon isn’t driving this car anymore??

  5. Imran Rashid says:

    I love this car

  6. Mick Kenny says:

    Jacob: u shud be a tabloid newspaper? i think your reading into things a little bit too much especially since Phil, Driftworks and Federal are winning in europe and he has no aspirations to drive in FD currently. Bonbon was invited for Redbull and wants to drive FD but it wasnt trying to find a ride nor did Federal hold em back – $$$$$ did. Phils car isnt FD legal and cost a fortune so building a new car purely for FD isnt viable business sence when u think about it from a Driftworks POV.

  7. emil says:

    eg420… Wembley is a parking lot and Silverstone vs. Yas Marina, that is a good debate

  8. Jbrad says:

    Good luck to Dai this weekend.

    As for the Falken political push, why am I the last to know.

  9. Patrick says:

    The R32 had some technical issues so Dai is now driving the S15!

  10. Mike Peters says:

    It’d be kinda neat if they allowed international champions a 1-2 season grace period to legalize their cars.

    Be rad to see that S15 in person.

  11. mike says:

    Dai drove the driftworks S15 in the end and made the top 8