James Deane cleans house at Prodrift Mondello [RESULTS]

The grid at Mondello was full of Formula Drift stars, but it was James Deane that came out on top in his S13, ousting Darren McNamara and the Need for Speed AE86 in the final round at Mondello.

Dai Yoshihara and Dean Kearney also made the trip out. Dai managed to defeat Dean Kearney in top 16, but was knocked out by Darren McNamara in the top 8.

Deane took out Fredric Aasbo in his Supra in the top 8, Phil Morrison in Final 4, and was battling Darren McNamara for the top spot when DMac suffered mechanical issues, giving James Deane the win. James Deane suffered mechanical issues himself losing 2nd and 4th gears, but was able to overcome and take top honors with half a transmission!



  1. Mitch says:

    Someone get this Kid a drive in FD again he proved today why he is one of the best drivers in Europe /World

  2. YOitzJDM says:

    I hope to god Falken brings him over for Irwindale in that V8 S15!

  3. sidekick says:

    I keep saying it, he needs a drive in FD so bad! With a decent car he would clean up.

  4. Padeee says:

    A safe bet for trophies, in any form of motorsport. James can drive.

  5. Caleb says:

    Nobody should give this guy a car. He should just do it the Aasbo way and fund his own crap over here

  6. And he’s not drifting in FD cause of what?

    If ish because of money, it’s a small issue. If you want to win, hire this guy with a RHD car. Plus he’s pretty nice too, met him at FD Sonoma 2010.

  7. Justin Yamashiro says:

    See, Deane clearly proves you don’t need a V8 to compete. He does need a seat for the 2012 FD season, because this kid can out perform. Hope to see him make a return, whether if its contracted under Falken or someone else.

  8. YOitzJDM says:

    Caleb – He did. He earned 2 top 8’s, a top 16, and a top 32. He placed higher than Dean Kearney, Alex Pfeiffer, Taka Aono, Mike Essa, and Robbie Nishida last season, and he only competed in 4 events (where as the other drivers all competed in 7). He definitely proved himself in a shortened season.

  9. Blaze1 says:

    Other then D-mac this is the only Irish guy I give a eff about. If Falken still has the Speed Machine RX7 (driven by T.Angelo and S.Yamamoto), he has RX7 experience I say put him in that!

  10. Jelani says:

    he was destroying at long beach last year and he always puts on a good show i dont understand why he dosent have a seat over here either

  11. Mick Kenny says:

    Awesome win for James! He is a serious talent in drifting and FD beckons.

    an all Irish podium too which is worth noting – i really think Dean Kearney woulod have been in the TOP4 if he didnt have to change car from saturday to sunday. To qualify 6th in among all the international drivers (in their own cars) with only 2 runs was incredible – he had the beatings of Dai only for misjudging his speed and spun.

    Like James i hope that SHR or whoever Kearney drives for can give him what he needs for 2012 to show his true potential.

  12. john says:

    ye james destroyed all even with a broken gears,he took down some big guns. assbo, dmac ,dai, phil morrison and gavin lenihan were epic drivers with alan sinnot taking the overall championship as well.

    theirs no way dean would have finished in top 4 even in his own car and luckey to qualify as high as he did .he still young and alot to learn for fd and id say james wud do more with the shr drive.

  13. Mick Kenny says:

    and if my auntie had a dick she be my uncle – its all ifs and buts when it comes to statments like this, all im saying is well done to James on a well deserved win but credit where its due to Karnage on qualifying 6th in a car with zero time is a sure sign of natural talent…if thats not then i guess he shudnt be drifting at all.