2011 BDC Round 5 at Formula 1 Circuit Silverstone [RESULTS]

The event started off with Fredric Aasbo taking home second in qualifying just behind Phil Morrison and Darren McNamara slotted in with his AE86 in 5th. A Formula Drift battle broke out in the Semi-Finals between Fredric Aasbo and Darren McNamara which resulted in Aasbo taking the victory and moving into the finals. Darren McNamara ended up with transmission issues. After a 5 minute rule for the 3rd place battle he had to give up his hopes of landing on the podium with the debut of his new AE86. Here is how the podium finished up:

1. Fredric Aasbo
2. Phil Morrison
3. David Waterworth


  1. DanPD says:

    Let’s see AASBO in Ireland against proper competition he walked it today..

  2. Patrick says:

    Aasbo was brilliant, first time I’ve seen him drive and wasn’t dissapointed. Still think the final should have gone One More Time though.

    David Waterworth was epic too, his first podium in BDC iirc, I personally think he won the battle against Phil Morrison in the semi finals but that’s just me.

    Silverstone is such a great track for drifting.

  3. Patrick says:

    DanPD he hardly walked it. Love how you Prodrift lot love slagging off the UK championships because your series is so poor atm.

  4. Blaze1 says:

    Damn not many drifters if any can say they have won on 2 Formula 1 tracks.

  5. mark says:

    Blaze has a point….

  6. mark says:

    DanPD is a bad representation of prodrift,but our series is far from poor, its never been as strong this year.this doesnt take away from the fact BDC is the best championship in the uk with some of the best tracks in the world, but you have to hand to aasbo he’s on it,take the win on a track he never drifted before he is pure class. next weekend will tell all, it could be the first time an irish drifter isnt on the podium in mondello but their 20+ drivers who more than capable of putting a halt to aasbo s roll.

  7. Mick Kenny says:

    Who from Ireland driving in PD at the minute can even worry the ex PD Champs like DMAC, Kearney, James Deane or EOS on their day if all competing in Japfest? i think this year a major change in championship competitiveness has occurred and the UK series like BDC and drift allstars are now more competitive than PD of years past unfortunately.

    I expect a great event at Japfest, only i dont see any of the current national drivers being anywhere near the exhibition / international lads who show up.